Monday, February 11, 2008

It was a good weekend

Friday evening was "Crafty Day" fun! The little bug came over and made a great little box to hold all of her Valentine love.

She painted it up, stamped it and then we added a couple of banners after applying rubon letters to them. When it was all done, I suprised her with Valentine making supplies to fill the box up with.

Of course when we were finished, it was Guitar Hero time. That little girl can rock out! Flying fingers is what she has. Unfortunately, when it was my turn the green button stopped working. Now I need to see if I can exchange it before there is an uproar of rockers in the house!

So not only can the bug rock, she can also play a pretty darn good game of basket ball. I went and watched her play Saturday morning. I was late as she predicted I would be, but at least I made it.

Sunday was beautiful out so we packed a picnic basket and went down to the park. We ate, played (Kris and Daisy did)and relaxed. Loverly it was!
Found some great treasures down at the Antique Mall later in the day.

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