Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Howdy folks...

This was a MUCH needed weekend. Just the two of us, alone, doing what we wanted to do. Saturday after having coffee on the back deck, we went to the State Fair.
I LOVE the state fair. As soon as we got in we went straight to a Fletchers corney dog stand. That is always a must! Um, um good. The next stop, the barn to see the baby animals and the giraffe that never seems to grow up.

and of course cows and goats

and I always love a llama and smiling piglets.

We went through all of the merchandise buildings

and through the food buildings for free tastings (one of Bri's favorites)

and then to the craft building (I was pretty excited)

We ended a good day in a perfect way

relaxing in the green, green grass in the Butterfly Garden.

Sunday was spent working in the backyard, tiding things up.
The perfect weekend.

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