Wednesday, May 8, 2013

The Doodlicious Tapebound Journal

I made it home late Monday night
and yesterday morning the first thing I unpacked,
well the first thing I unpacked was my toothbrush the night before,
but the first thing I unpacked yesterday morning was my doodle journal.

{the cover- doodles in paint}
This is the journal we made at Handmade U with Dawn DeVries Sokol.
I don't know what it is about this particular journal,
because you know I have a gajillion art journals,
but this one,
I just cannot stop playing in it.

I think I mentioned before that this journal is made out of
cardboard and scraps of paper
and the whole thing is bound with tape.

Let's just pause a moment and think about tape.

{more doodles in wet paint before putting it together}

{this makes me laugh.  non-dominate hand prompt.  no doubt about being right handed here}
{this page may get my attention next}
I also mentioned that we had time to work in it
and that Dawn gave us a few prompts.
A few of these doodles are the end result of some of those prompts.

I am somewhat obsessing right now over drawing with a black pen.
Specifically, drawing with a black pen in this book.
I don't know what it is about it,
but probably well over 50% of my day, if I'm not actually working within it,
I'm thinking about it.
Thinking about making black marks in this lovely, little book of mine.



Leanne said...

I like! So it's a no-sew journal. Just make up sigs of various things and tape them together? Intriguing... I wonder if Dawn will do an online class....

PamelaArtsinSF said...

I absolutely LOVE this one and can easily see why you can't stop playing with it. heck, I'd like to write in there too.......

Dorthe said...

Blue and black = beautiful Alisa.
And your book is so beautiful, I see those tapes and love them-and all the blue drawings and doodlings, the old papers... everything goes fantastic together !!

Monica said...

I love the idea of binding completely with tape. I have to give it a try.
Thanks for the inspiration, Alisa!

Monica said...

P.S. Looove that you're thinking of this every day! :)

kandeland said...

your doodling is so pretty!! have a great weekend Alisa!

Robin Thomas said...

I am obsessed that you keep doing all the above and then keep posting it.