Monday, May 6, 2013

Big Hearted Business {Inspiration Bomb}

Happy Monday!
I was going to post photos of my Handmade U doodle journal today,
but I'm stuck in Denver until tonight.
So, I'll save that for the next post
and anyway, I really want to share this...
A few weeks ago Ali Edwards shared this website on her blog.
I watched the Week 1 Inspiration Bomb.

Totally fantastic.
Both the interview and the chalk-art lettering.
Since then I've watched all of them.
A couple of times in fact.
Inspiring stuff.
Also, I really like this tag line of
"Teaching creative people about business, and business people about creativity."
I hope you watch them and enjoy.


Dorthe said...

Alisa, thankyou for the link ...I have to come back to see it!
I hope you stucked in Denver(I would so love to see that area in US )is a pleasent break and that your day is wonderful.

pam said...

Hi Alisa!
(So excited to hear you are coming to ITALY!!! )
I loved this video too and was looking for others on their site but never found any. Am I missing an obvious link? Thanks hon, Pam

Sandy C said...

OMG that was so empowering and I found myself tearing up. Thanks so much for providing the site!

Photocat said...

A true button pusher!

YOU'RE BACK!!! Welcome. I am so glad you are back...