Friday, May 3, 2013

Handmade U

I mentioned awhile back that I had flown to
Nebraska and made art.
I did and it was a great time.
{unfortunately, I only took a few photos and those were with my phone}

I attended Handmade U
hosted by Rachel McGough in Omaha.

{Camille, Rachel, Dawn & Michelle - via Rachel}

We had two classes, each lasting an entire day.
{entire day = finished projects = very happy}

Our first class was
The Doodlicious Tapebound Journal
taught by Dawn DeVries Sokol.
We created journals out of cereal boxes, scrap papers and tape.

We played with paint and collage
and once everything was dry and put together,
Dawn gave us doodle prompts and exercises to get us started.

{I'll take some photos of my journal and share it next week}

The next day was just as fantastic;
Introduction to Leather Whispering
instructed by the "leather whisperer" herself,
Camille Serra McClelland.
I love learning a new craft or technique and this leather tooling class totally fit the bill.

{the Farmboy asked me to bring home a handmade, tooled saddle for the horse we don't own-
this was as close as it got}

I may have a long way to go before I can call myself a "leather whisperer,"
but man, was this a fun class. 
{not to mention therapeutic, with all that mallet pounding}

The whole weekend was so enjoyable;
from opening night dinner to the final dinner out on the town.
It's a small and very relaxed retreat.
{exactly what I was needing at the time}
The food was yummy and everything was well thought out.
The classes, as I already said, fantastic.
The attendees were super nice.
I went alone to this retreat
and didn't know anyone, with the exception of one person-
my table mate.
And well, seriously, if you know Robin
I really don't have to tell you how she made the weekend just that more
fun, inspiring and entertaining
than it already was.



PamelaArtsinSF said...

That looks like some serious fun and a fabulous way to spend a weekend. I'd like to do it sometime. And making journals from cereal boxes etc is right up my alley.

Robin Thomas said...

Oh girl, thank you. We ought go international next time...