Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Project Life

I did it.
I took the plunge.
After watching Ali Edwards do it for the last two years
and going back and forth on whether or not to,
I finally started Project Life.
However, I don't follow directions well when it comes to creativity.
So I've taken this simple and effective system and made it not quite as simple.
I'm hoping that doesn't affect the effectiveness of it.
I really wanted to stay as true to my style of art as I could with this project,
so I had to lose the binder and page protectors.
It had to be created in a hand made journal.
I did, however, want to use a core kit.
After a wrong purchase, a return of said purchase and a change of mind at the very last second of a repurchase, I decided to go with the new Olive Edition.
The floral card with the orange background is what finally pushed me over.
And I don't even like the color orange.
Also, I have to say, I think this edition is so much prettier in person than in the pictures on both Becky Higgins blog or Amazon.
Okay, the book.
When I first decide to do this, I thought it would be cool to use old vintage year books as my journal base.
I even bought one.
I really liked the colors,
a deep oxblood red and turquoise,
but after deciding on the Olive Edition I wasn't so sure about it.
{Not to mention, the offensive cartoonish Native American face smack dab on the center of the cover.  Wasn't real sure how I was going to work that in.}
So as I sat on the studio floor pondering, my eyes wandered over to the stack of antique photo albums.  Mixed in that stack were some old ledgers.
Well, perfect after I made sure the size of the kit cards would fit nicely within.
So here I am now.
First book is bound.  The intro spread is complete.
Now to get the last two weeks caught up
and then try to stay caught up for the whole year.
Wish me luck!


Robin Thomas said...

Aww. I see. It's like that.

Looks pretty. To be sure.

Leanne said...

gorgeous as always. Love the blue of the fabric. And I wish I had ledger books lying around. But I do have alternatives. Seeing your post though has reminded me that I was going to do a Basic Grey journal. Hmm....

Cappuccinoandartjournal.blogspot.com said...

Good luck (but you won't need it!) That is beautiful. i think it will be a pleasure to write/work in!

Monica said...

This is really superb, Alisa.
I've heard of that project, I have to go and check. At the moment, in my little spare time from my job, I am doing a new handmade, handbinded gratitude journal... now what I'd really need, would be an entire weekend off work to finish it! :)
Love the blue touches you imparted to yours, and the love and care you always put in everything you do!

Unknown said...

I did the class and you will love the end result of the book!

Monica said...

I started!!! I started!!!! Sooo thrilled. Thanks for the inspiration, Alisa!

Unknown said...

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