Friday, January 11, 2013

Keeping It Real

This is my front porch.
This is an accurate visual of this past week.
Monday:  A new bathroom vanity was picked up, brought home and placed in the sitting room.
Where it is still residing at this moment.
Tuesday:  A bathroom demo ensued.  Nothing left but the bathtub.
And dust.
Wednesday:  Strangers came in and made a lot of noise removing wallpaper and floating the walls.
Causing high anxiety for one little pig-dog.
Thursday:  The same strangers came in to paint the new walls.  All surfaces within the house are now covered in copious amounts of dust.
Friday:  I had my first mammogram. And it was two years late.  And awkward and uncomfortable.
And there is still a toilet sitting on the front porch.
Quote of the Week:  "Yeah, let's put the toilet outside!  Maybe it'll get snakes in it!"
Said the 20 year old.
With the glee of a child in a candy store.
Could it be, I let him watch too much TV when he was little?
Or maybe not enough.
Thank you for all the book recommendations.
Have a beautiful weekend!


Dorthe said...

OH you poor, having to cope with all that dust and things in wrong places :-) I also hate doing mammograms, but does it every time I get the check up-paper invitation!!!
Hope you`r soon dust free, and happy with the new results!
Happy weekend Alisa.
xo, Dorthe

Jillayne said...

Laughing my butt off! This is just so funny...another fabulous post Alisa - except the mammogram part. I had my first and second last year; they weren't painful but definitely worrisome. I suppose it's one of those necessary evils we're lucky to have, but still...

Celeste Kemmerer said... fit right into my life...I had a washing machine in my front yard by my front porch for a while until someone had time to haul it off for scrap. LOL! My sons would think the same of the snakes and my daughter would likely stash some there just because--to keep the mice in the freezer company.

Anonymous said...

How exciting to get a new bathroom! But how messy getting there. 30 years ago my husband put a broken toilet on our front porch. He told me it was fine there and wanted to plant flowers in it. After two weeks, I pushed it off the side of the porch myself, into the shrubs. Me oh my! Your darling dog in the photo redeems the view. ;)