Friday, January 18, 2013

Seven Things

I walked into Target a couple of days ago for the soul purpose of getting a bottle of Advil.
This is what I walked out with.
Plus the bottle of Advil, which I almost forgot.
Until five minutes ago, there was still a toilet on my front porch.
I like to snack on frozen blueberries.
But I like them better in pie.
Consequently my sweat pants have purple-blue finger print stains on them.
I'm almost done with week two of Project Life.
I am having so much fun.
Whenever I start back at P90X, my mantra becomes,
"I hate P90X."
I'd rather eat blueberry pie.
The boy, who has an apartment of his own, his home again for the weekend.
It's been not quite a full five days since he last left.
I'm not complaining.
Happy Weekend


PamelaArtsinSF said...

hahaha love it all!
You are lucky the boy comes home. I haven't seen mine in too long...
And I'm in with the blueberry pie.

Julia said...

I love this post! Every single entry made me smile. =D What a great start to your weekend.

Lorrie said...

Succinct but comprehensive. Have a great weekend with your boy.

Tina @ TinyBear Studio said...

Great stuff from Target - love those cloth pins..
Have a wonderful weekend Alisa

kandeland said...

every time i walk into the grocery store for 2 things i come out with 200. it makes me nuts! luckily the grocery store is pretty much the only store i allow myself in! have a great monday, xo

Sandy Camarda said...

I always get side tracked with other purchases and forget what I walked into the store for. Those are great finds. I can't wait 'til Target comes to my area!

Melissa said...

I love this post...First, I always go into the store with a coupon and a plan to purchase the one product the coupon is for and end up with two bags in my hand as I walk out.

Second, My son is about to move out. I hope the comes home as often as yours does.

Third, I am for the blueberry pie..Yummy!

Monica said...

Glad we don't have those stores around here :)
You know what? I can't wait to see your project life entry, looks like a crazy thing I'm going to say, but I might (just might) give it a try, too. Ugh. I said that.