Wednesday, December 5, 2012

A Glance At November

I have been trying to get over here for over a week now.
Life has been busy.
When November rolled in, I thought we would have a little breather.
November was just as busy as October.
It started off with a long over due trip to Chicago to see family.
And the best coffee we've had, to date.
Then home just in time to vote
and to love on a much missed pig-dog.
A cold snap.
Important research before sending my letter off to Santa
and filling our bellies with the best guacamole in Texas.
Then there was a week of dressing pigs in velvet ribbons,
snuggle time,
the all important, "let me show you how pretty I can sit so you can then reward me with your snack"
and finding evidence of Lucy's existence.
The month ended in Thanksgiving leftovers,
Reddi-wip shots,
beautiful sunrises and
celebrating the growth of a mustache for Movember.
Now we are five days into December and I'm really hoping life slows down so I can catch my breath for a moment and not disappear again.
Happy December, y'all!
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Celeste Kemmerer said...

Sometimes you just have to stop and take a moment to breath...of course, I have NO experience with this phenomenon. Our blog posts deal with very similar subject matter this week.

Photocat said...

Looks like some doggie has been bad.
Yes, as previous commenter says: now and then you have to stop and breath. Or live in the moment for a short while. Blog can always be caught up later, when you have a little time.

Dorthe said...

Love your -Movember- glance , Alisa,
seems you have been so bussy and away, for dear dog and home,- no wonder he smiles now,-and that you need to rest, dear.
Thankyou for your great collages- such a good idea, to show a lot in one time!

Sandy Camarda said...

What did you fin of Lucy's? My Nephew grew his mustache and it looked! I LOVE guacamole!!

Happy December!

Sandy xox

Robin Thomas said...

That Daisy!

That spool....