Monday, November 26, 2012

Holiday Wrap-Up

Thanksgiving was good.
On the actual day of Thanksgiving, the Farmboy and I spent the day cooking.
At one point, when I started calling the stuffing ugly names, the Farmboy stepped in, like the good Farmboy that he is, and made me a cup of coffee.
However, being the Farmboy that he is, he handed it to me and said,
"I started to give you your mustache cup, but I thought this one more apt for the moment."
Later that evening, once all the cooking prep was done we went to the movies and saw
It was really good and we recommend you go see it too, if you can.
And I managed not to cry...
okay, I managed not to cry loudly.
The day after was turkey day for us.
{we had to wait a day so that the college boy could join us}
The day began with baking and mimosas.
Then moved on to cocktails and spiced pecans...
then turkey and all the sides
{plus a cranberry sauce we finally like}
and finished with desserts and then a walk.
Saturday morning the Farmboy had a photo shoot
{gorgeous day for it, though the air was brisk}
and then he took me to the ballet that evening to see
And he only dozed off once.
I think he should win a Farmboy of the Year award,
because the next morning he made breakfast...
his special breakfast pizza.
And then I had a full-out battle with the closet door jam.
It won.
And I broke my toe.
The Farmboy suggested that we cancel our plans to go down to the
to see the special exhibit
{the boy, a history major, was itching to see it}
but after taping it up, I insisted I could hobble around without any problem and minimal whining.
I'm so glad we went, because I scored.
We were also able to see
I was beside myself excited to get to view three large color lithographs of Sarah Bernhardt
he is one of my favorites!
Afterwards we walked
{I hobbled}
across to the new downtown park
{built over a major downtown roadway}
and eat food truck sliders while people/dog watching.
I think it was a great holiday weekend.
{even if my toe is black and blue and I can't run off all that pie I ate}
How was your weekend/holiday?


PamelaArtsinSF said...

Sounds like an excellent time -- except for the toe!

Robin Thomas said...

Oh how I love your family.

Lorrie Orr said...

Sounds like a wonderful weekend. Except for the toe, of course. Hope it heals soon - although I broke mine once and it took quite awhile. Keep it taped up!

kandeland said...

yes, i think besides the toe it was a perfect holiday weekend at your place! and he definitely gets farmboy of the year! xo

Celeste Kemmerer said...

I'm sorry the closet won and your toe broke. I hope you heal quickly! Our Thanksgiving was fun and quite low stress. (The boys cook the turkey, of course...) I've decided I don't care for regular stuffing recipes, so I made one with a Southwest flair with tortillas and chili powder.

Dorthe said...

Oh Alisa, your husbond was really good this weekend,- cooking,serving breakfeast ,inviting to ballet, and being caring ,after you broke your toe ! What a silly accident, I hope it heals fast, and that you can hop around in small doses.

Julia said...

What a splendid weekend you had! Wow. Packed with so much flavorful and visual goodness. And me oh my, he definitely deserves a Farmboy of the Year award! Please tell him so! So sorry about your toe. I hope it heals quickly.

Sandy Camarda said...

You guys did lots of fun stuff in spite of your purple toe :)