Thursday, April 5, 2012

Strawberry Cake

Lately I've been cooking quite a lot out of this cookbook.  I really love how it is broken up by countries and the bits of cultural food information and family memories that Tessa shares.

I'm pretty sure that I have never been Finnish in any of my past lives, however, a Cypriot I most definitely could have been.  Oh yes, I could happily live on the island of Cyprus.
But, that doesn't mean I haven't liked any of the Finnish recipes.  Bring on the meatballs- someone else may have the herring fish though.

The last Finnish recipe I followed was Sipi's Strawberry Cake.
This is practically a strawberry shortcake.
And just as easy to make
{maybe easier}
than strawberry shortcake made with biscuits.

And possibly better.
Well, at least better than mine the last time I made it with biscuits.
{which turned out to be similar to eating strawberries and cream with river rocks}

This one, however, I will be making again.


Julia said...

"...strawberries and cream with river rocks" Oh me oh my, that is funny! I can't imagine anyone who can make that scrumptious strawberry stack in your photo is capable of "river rocks". But if you did attempt to make river rocks, I'm certain they would be delicious too!

Celeste Kemmerer said...

I cannot make biscuits at all. Mine always turn out like hockey pucks despite my best efforts. I let my husband make them--he makes amazing biscuits.

Photocat said...

My goodness... That cake looks delicious. And I really don't like cakes. But I would try this one, just for the looks of it. You have set it up so right with the roses and the wooden table!

Catherine said...

I love Tessa's style...I have her "Apples for Jam" I adore everything about it. Your cake looks wonderful & so do the pictures. Have a wonderful Easter. Much love Catherine x

Sandy Michelle said...

YUM!!! That looks sooo good! I'll have to check out the cook book. I always thought I lived in Thailand in my past! Have a great Easter!

Sandy xox

Jillayne said...

What a pretty cake!
Strawberry shortcake is my favourite and yours looks terrific...I've tried the biscuit variety too and I'm with you - it's hard to eat!

Dorthe said...

Looking so wonderful, dear-and almost like a Danish "lagkage" wich referres to a cake laied in layers with cream and whiped cream-just like this, only the bread layers are much thinner-and made with only wheat flour and much sugar.Wonder if you understand my strange explanation, lol.

Lisa said...

My favorite cookbook .. and what a beautiful presentation! Bought strawberries just to try it out! ..mmmmmmmm..

love your blog!!!