Monday, April 9, 2012

A Bicycle With A Basket

If you give a girl a bicycle with a basket,

 you give her the ability to spread joy

everywhere she goes.

Even the girl who falls into the stream when crossing it.

Both ways.


Dorthe said...

Such very beautiful photoes Alisa, Love your glasses -and your bike tour- everything looks as if it is summer ?

kandeland said...

beautiful, beautiful!!! xo

Margaret said...

Beautiful photos! what a dreamy bike ride... Mx

Julia said...

I usually look at all the photos in your post first and just breathe in their beauty. And then I go back and read the text. Which is when I read "..the girl who falls in to the stream.." Oh my! Your demure photos suddenly take on a whole new meaning. Such suspense! Do tell more! Did the girl reach the destination soaking wet, on a bike? What a fun trip, especially with that delicious looking drink somewhere in there.

Sandy Michelle said...

Such lovely photos. Did you actually fall both times LOL!

Sandy xox

Suz said...

Did you fall over the bridge???

helena said...

If the frame isn't locked to the tire a thief could remove the front tire and get away with your bike.

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helena said...

you can see why the Scholar is such a suitable women's cruiser.

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