Wednesday, January 18, 2012

What Would Jane Think?

It's the week after Christmas.
A Farmboy, a Graduate and a Girl walk into Barns & Noble.
The Farmboy veers right, towards the magazine racks, to look for Farmboy crack.
{i.e., European car magazines}
The Graduate and the Girl continue forward.
Once near the back of the store The Graduate and the Girl split off-
one goes to find ancient history and the other, books on painting.
Fifteen minutes later the Girl feels an arm land across her shoulders and a book on one of the Caesars is thrust into her face.
{she has told him she will buy him a book, since Santa forgot to do his job properly}
Suddenly her phone beeps at her.  A text.
"Donde estas?"
"Arte.  Estas tu in cafe?"
{obviously she has no idea how to speak Spanish regardless of the 8 years she sat in a Pre-K Spanish class 5 days out of every week}
Despite her terrible attempt to answer him in another language, he understands what she is asking.
However, he chooses to ignore her subtle plea for a latte.
As the Girl and The Graduate wander out from the mystery section five minutes later, they meet the Farmboy.
His hands are hidden behind his back.
A smile spreads across her face and she claps her hands like a happy little child. 
She thinks he has brought her the life juice of her people- coffee.
She is wrong, but not disappointed, because he has instead brought her this...

Jane Austen's Northanger Abby.

In comic book form.

She now giggles when she reads it and wonders what Jane would think.


Suz said...

Delightful, Alisa! I think you have a book in you, too. Just like Jane!

Lorrie said...

A comedy of manners in a bookstore. What a great sketch you've written.

Dorthe said...

WOW, Jane Austin in cartoon- I never saw that....
And Suz is right--- I think you have a book in you- --just think about it :) dear Alisa.
Hugs, Dorthe

Robin Thomas said...

This is a love story.

Cindy Garber Iverson said...

I'm grinning after reading this. I love your artful telling of the interchange. Northanger Abbey in comic book form... I wouldn't believe it unless I saw your photos. What would Jane think, indeed?

Cindy at Rosehaven Cottage

kandeland said...

Ha! great recap of an afternoon! (but Jane might roll over in her grave if she saw that book!) xo
(oh..and yes, I still do use my juicer!)

Margaret said...

I'm with Dorthe! I've never seen Jane Austin in cartoon, fab! Mx

Anonymous said...

LOL! I wonder what Jane would think too! Mostly, she'd probably be delighted with cash in hand! They did have to do a bit of penny pinching!

This is funny. Had to giggle!

XO Diane

Anonymous said...

That's so interesting! I've heard that some classics were being made into graphic novels, but hadn't seen them. Not sure I could get into it.