Wednesday, January 4, 2012

On Life

It's about time I showed up around here, huh?
I'm still trying to clean up from the aftermath of the holidays and get back into the normal flow of things.

I did, however, want to drop in and share a little something.
A few days ago I received the kindest email from a lovely lady named Pam.
In discussing the ups and downs of this past year, she said something I found quite poignant and oh so true
{and sometimes I need to be reminded of this bigger picture}

"The reality of it is--
Here's to a year filled with
beautiful moments,
ridiculous moments,
disappointing moments,
maturing, growing moments,
moments filled with tears and sorrow,
moments filled with much laughter and joy,
fun moments.
In essence,
another year of LIFE!"

I concur, Pam.
Here's to you, Life.
You are such a beautiful place to be.


Robin Thomas said...

Alisa, I read this book not long after mother died and got so much comfort from it.

Love what you've written here. Suz says she has room in her heart for love and sadness. Of course, right? Why do I think I am doing something Enrong if I feel hurt, sad, blue?

Hugs sweet Alisa.

Elly-My Everyday Things said...

True words! Have a Happy New Year Alisa!!!!!
Hugs, Elly

Dorthe said...

Such good words to remember and to have with us now entering a new year- life is just all that and even many more nuances.
Thankyou, dear Alisa,and a very happy year to you.

Suz said...

Lovely words from Pam, Alisa. I think I need to get that book, huh? It looks lovely!!!

cheryl.mccann said...

oh i have been seeing this book a lot lately. i may have to go out and buy it. loving your blog.

Jillayne said...

So true - I really like that. The good, the bad and the mundane are what really make it all up aren't they? And the gift of an ordinary day is the greatest gift of all I think.
I've looked at that book before but never bought it - is it good?

Cheryl Carey Bass said...

ooooh, that is good. Thanks for sharing Pam's share.