Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Because Even Tough Girls Bake

The Graduate has been dating the same girl for over a year now.
We fondly refer to her as
That Girl.

At first we wondered.  
But it didn't take long for her to become part of the family.
(I have tucked her safely and snugly under my wing with the boys.)
We wondered because she is the complete opposite from The Graduate's last girlfriend.

You see, That Girl is a rough and tumble tomboy.
She plays soccer (one of the best on her team), she plays shoot'm up video games (she shoots better than my boys), she's the first to jump head first into a stupid teenage prank (thankfully The Graduate is level headed.)
That Girl is going into the Marines at the end of summer.
Even though I think she is much better suited to teach music to children with special needs.

See, she may be a rough and tumble tomboy, but she has a very soft side to her too.
Next to those children, part of that soft side includes baking and sharing.

That Girl's birthday was last August.
And I, being the Ambassador of the Perpetually Late, was nearly 8 months behind in making and giving her her birthday gift.

Fitting, don't you think?
(That's me, by the way, not her.  And though I'm not a tough girl by any means, feisty and bull headed at times maybe but not tough, those are my cute camo kicks.)

Along with the apron, I decided she needed a tough cupcake recipe book too.
Quite honestly though, I hope I don't receive any wasabi cupcakes any time soon.
A big {belated} Happy Birthday to That Girl.

One should really remember to check her ISO settings before shooting a gazillion photos.
I apologize for any graininess that my cause you to go cross-eyed.


Robin Thomas said...

Okay, that is THE perfect gift.

Totally worth waiting for.

She is so lucky to have you!

koralee said...

Cute the apron and the cookbook she is holding [i have it] .xoxoxo hugs

Suz said...

What a great gift! I am longing for a sil...I have had too much girly girl at my house!

Jillayne said...

Love your camo! Too cute especially while holding that book "Sticky, Messy, Chewy, Gooey" - I have it too and it's amazing! I still haven't made the chocolate soup but it's next on the list.
That Girl sounds like a real gem and how great for her that you see it!