Monday, April 4, 2011

About That Timeout... wasn't planned, but I'm sure glad it happened.

Let me tell you a little story.

{Part I}
If you read Rebecca Sower, then you know she likes to unplug periodically.
I used to wonder what the heck did she do during her unplugged times?
And then I realized, oh she's actually living life during those times!

Me, well I would have an utter conniption fit if the power should go out and I had NO internet service.
And then one Sunday (not too long ago) I was at home all day long doing regular ol' at home stuff all day long and at the end of the day I realized I had not touched my laptop at all.
Not one single time.
And the world had not stopped spinning.
And I was still breathing.
And I was still functioning like I always have.
And I liked it!

So, I did it again the next Sunday.
And the Sunday after that and the Sunday after that.

Sometime after all that happened I read this post of Christen's.
A year or two ago, I decided it was okay if I missed a day or two of posting here on my blog, but if I missed a whole week I felt guilty.
Christen's post reminded me that that's just ridiculous.
I mean when you get right down to it, it really is!

{Part II}
The second week of March we flew down to the island.
I packed my laptop and my camera and all the accompanying cables, because I had full intentions of taking photos and blogging while there (for 11 days).

On a side note, do you have any idea how heavy a tote can become when toting a laptop, camera and all the accompanying cables plus three books, two magazines, two art journals, a pencil bag full of markers and paint, stitching stuff, your wallet, phone and favorite trail mix?
Let me just tell you it is HEAVY.
And it gets even heavier when a Farmboy looks at you and tells you that no he won't carry it for you, you packed it you carry it; without even once blinking those pretty green eyes at you.

I lugged all that techno stuff down there (and back) and I took three photos with my big camera and check my email one time.
Because this is what I did.

I did this in a lounge chair, in a hammock, on the beach and right there in that bed when it was raining or during the heat of the day.
When I wasn't doing this, I was working in an art journal like my life depended on it.

I liked it.
It was awesome.

When we got back home I was still kind of in that mind set (or maybe I just didn't have anything to say). 
Either way, I unplugged, stayed unplugged and didn't feel any guilt about it.

And now I feel rejuvenated and am so happy to be back.

Talk to you soon!


Dawn said...

I like this so much I want to cry. Happy tears. Sort of.
I have been seeing my computer time as a burden lately. Something I SHOULD be doing.
Thank you for permission to time out.....
I just want to drop the heavy bag and run.
Glad you got that time!

knitterbeader said...

Glad you're back and have been treating yourself so well during the time off! I haven't blogged since March 11th, and felt guilty for a week or two, but like you, I want blogging to be fun, interesting, etc. So when it's right to blog again, I'll know it. Thanks for your post.

Margaret said...

Lovely post, lots of food for thought. I have a friend who has a major blogging session once a week, the rest of the time she does her art work then has a collective catch up. I try to aim for a happy balance although I'm still working out what that is! Mx

Jillayne said...

Good, good...we all need a break from everything at some time, pretty normal. I blog for me, when I have something to say or show, but it's always because I feel like it.
I love Rebecca's blog too and understand she has to back away, as did you, as do many. I think the secret is to find a way of doing the things that matter to you, as they matter to you - emphasis on "to you" - and then it doesn't seem like you're not living. The things you do should be part and parel of who you are.... glad to hear you're happy!

kandeland said...

that's just wonderful ALisa! I'm happy to hear you unplugged and relaxed and enjoyed it! I didn't have a computer almost the whole month of December and at first it was strange, but then it felt like a relief almost! i think i need to pick a day per week to do this! your island relaxing sounds great...I want to lounge and read! my two favorite things! have a great week,
xo nat

Anonymous said...

Alisa, this sounds WONDERFUL! I'm so darned COMPULSIVE when it comes to having to be DOING something productive all the time. BUT...sometimes at the end of a busy day or week I think to myself how NICE it would be to just sit and close my eyes and dream and do nothing except BE. When I had breast cancer, that's what I often did...sat on my porch in the sunshine and just breathed and was grateful. Maybe I need to grab the bull by the horns and follow your example and just crash once in awhile!
And...thanks for the nice comments about my blackboard collage! It's the PERFECT substrate! Not finished yet!
Hugs and thanks!