Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Do You Know Robin?

Robin Thomas

If you do, then you'll understand.
If you don't, then you should go visit so that you do understand.

Robin is an amazing woman.

She has that straight faced, dry wit that I love.
The {best} kind that doesn't make me laugh...
it makes me snort.

She is talented with not just fabric and thead,
but yarn and needles as well.

She is incredibly gifted with words.
Oh how I wish I was able to express myself as she can.
{because quite frankly the chimpanzee faces I make when crazy happy and the guttural caveman noise that I have a tendency to emit when angry, don't always get my point across}

And on top of all of that,
she puts together fantastic giveaway packages
for milestone post celebrations.

Thank you, Robin!
*making chimp faces at you*


Anonymous said...

I think you express yourself just fine!
You had me chuckling throughout your post!

great photos...I am in the mood to play with paper creations!

ciao bella

Creative CArmelinA

Suz said...

I do know Robin. She is a special woman. You know what, Alisa? You are a special woman, too.

Big hugs,

jackie said...

Robin is a one of a kind gal! She is one of the most talented women I know. Generous and full of creativity!

Robin Thomas said...

Oh Alisa, what a lovely post. Your pictures certainly elevate that stack of old paper to art.

I needed to hear lovely things and see pretty pictures.

Thank you.

Thank you.

stephanie said...

Robin is a treasure. And I agree that her dry wit is wonderful. Everytime I read one of her beautifully written posts I come away with some little nugget that makes me think.

stephanie said...
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