Monday, February 14, 2011

Another Change of Plans

"Change, adapt, mutate or die."
~my father

I like a plan.
I like a schedule.
I like consistency.

I'm slowly getting over that.
I'm learning to adapt to the happenings around me.
(with out freaking out)

I think I'm starting to enjoy it.

My parents have flown in from their island.
There wasn't a complete plan, when planned.
Now there is.

Today my mom is getting a new hip.
So any plans for today have now changed.

And I'm okay with it.

More than likely I'll get back on schedule later in the week.
(ie: blog posts and 365 photos)

Have a beautiful Valentine's Day.


Lorrie said...

Adapting to new circumstances can be tough - I hope your mom's surgery goes well.

Your tulip photo is gorgeous.

Tina said...

Change is constantly abrewing here. :) Healing wishes for your mama, Alisa.

Lisa said...

Prayers for an easy surgery and quick recovery for your mom!

Nina said...

Whew! that is a lot..hugs, my friend.

Metronyx said...

Anyhow, I like your father's saying. It's a good quote. Best wishes for your loved ones !

Scented Sweetpeas said...

I hope your Mum's op goes really well, it is scary when parents go through these things isn't it. Take care. x

knitterbeader said...

Hope your mom's surgery went well and I love your dad's quote.