Monday, December 6, 2010

An Introduction + 1, 2 and 3

Last week we took pictures, compared and chose.
I sat down and created, but didn't get caught up to date.

Here is what I have so far in my December Daily.

An intro.
I thought a quote focusing on the Christmas tree was quite appropriate for this album.

Day 1
(a Farmboy photo)
He had to fly out to Atlanta on the first and he made sure he had his camera with him.
To be quite honest, I'm glad he did.
Because A. I took a total of one picture, with the exception of pictures of the album itself.
And B. I totally dig this photo!
I think it's so great, that I added as little to the page as I could.

Day 2
(my photo)
This is Molly Jo.
She is my brother's youngest baby and quite frankly, she's just awesome.
The green tree was really needing something after I did the journaling, so I cut the polka dots out of the same green ribbon that I used on the photo page and adhered them randomly around the journaling.

Day 3
(a Farmboy photo)
We try to go to our town's annual Christmas Tree Lighting every year.
I hate lugging around a tripod, so I let the Farmboy have this one. And well truthfully, I'm always way to busy drinking hot chocolate and clapping for the fireworks to bother taking pictures. So this night always belongs to him and his camera.
Again, I thought the photo spoke for itself, so very little embellishment.

It's been really fun to work on so far.
I've had two worries though...
I really need to be more careful when doing my journaling and not smearing the india ink.
(you should see my right hand by the time I'm done each time)
And also, I need to find some 3 inch rings. I used 2 inch rings at first, but they started to tear up the back cover. Just not quite big enough.


Kathy Martin said...

Your December Daily is fabulous! Love the tree theme! :)


Fabulous! Sly Farmboy. Quite the photographers, the two of you! Thanks for sharing. ~ Angela

Anna said...

I love the look of your album, the tree shapes is great! Lovely idea to cut the circles from ribbon, might have to try that one! It's looking great!

knitterbeader said...

Beautiful photography from both of you. This album is starting out beautifully!