Wednesday, December 8, 2010


For the most part, I am a muted color kinda gal.

I've never been much into bright and bold colors.
But that seems to be what my December Daily is.

And pastel colors have never really grabbed me.
But I seem to keep going back to this post and gazing at the photo.
(and not just because they look sooo yummy!)

I'm somewhere in between.
I like color, but more of the dusky variety.
(as long as it's not too dark.)

Am I making sense?
Or have I put down too many words here... making it sound complicated?
(I do that sometimes... make things much more complicated than they need be.)

What seems to be complicating to me at the moment
are my Christmas decorations.

They used to be deep jewel-toned.
But two years ago I got rid of all of it and went mainly neutral.

Now the crux of it is,
I'm craving color again.

If anyone needs advice on how to make a simple life much more complicated,
let me know.
I'm sure I can give you a pretty nice and hefty list.

Have a beautiful Wednesday.


Jillayne said...

I do the same thing - crave neutrals and then see a beautiful colour and am seduced by it. But I do go through my Christmas decorations each year as I unpack things. I used to think they all had to be kept and some hadn't made it out of the box in 10 years - I thought that was silly so offered them to the kids first and the Thrift store after. You're so right though - just when you think you truly know what you want, something catches your eye and you are heading down a new path. Have fun!

Sandy Michelle said...

Ha,haaaa you're too funny girl!


Kathy Martin said...

Pretty photos and decorations! :)

Dawn said...

I hear ya!
I have settled for color while my kids live at home.
Neutrals may have to wait for a few years:)

Katsui Jewelry said...

Sweet Alissa,
Thank you
Thank you
Thank you.
The kind notes keep me above water!

Privet and Holly said...

I wish I could
give you sage
advice, but I
cannot, since I
am basically in
the same boat.
My Christmas colors
are fairly quiet
or rich {cranberry,
moss green} but
after the holidays,
look out! I'm
bringing color
back. We really
need it to get
through our winters,
here. I say, just
decorate the way
that makes you happy ~
color, no color;
whatever brings peace
and joy : )
Merry Thursday, Alisa!
xx Suzanne