Friday, January 1, 2010


"To bring into harmony or proportion." (Merriam-Webster)


This is what I'll be seeking this year.

I just have way too many things on my list to continue managing my time the way I did in 2009.

And by all means, I don't want to have to remove any of those items on my list. If anything, knowing me, I'll probably add to the list as the year progresses.


Tell me, what are you seeking this year?

(Balance necklace created by Beth Quinn Designs)


The Pink Birdhouse said...

Another lovely written post, Alisa. I do so love the way your mind connects to your heart and comes out as a beautifully turned phrase. Humm, what I am seeking this new year, a bit of balance too, but for me "more organization". I would like to organize my time better, accomplish more and not feel as if I have dawdled too much time away. And I want to reconnect with old friends that I lost track of in my hectic busy years as a mother/business owner/house wife. I also want to phone people more and keep in touch as often as possible. Life is too short to let contact with others slip away in the chaos of daily life's little things! hugs, Debby


Beautifully said, Alisa. Your photos are elegant! A perfect necklace too. Thanks for sharing ~ Angela

Charlene said...

Knowledge & Growth! Growth as in my personal life, friendships, my art... And I want to learn new programs on the computer, take classes & go on retreats. Happy New Year!

knitterbeader said...

I, like others, need to "slow down and smell the roses". It seems I send too much time on "busy" work and not enough time sharing with friends and family. I'd also like to spend more time on my other hobbies - like beading and genealogy. It seems like I've been knitting non-stop and sadly not enough on other projects. I love the way you say things, Alisa - your pictures bring the words right to my mind. Happy 2010!

tina said...

I think that's an absolutely lovely word, Alisa. I am going to be meditating on what my word will be this year. Your profile picture is absolutely lovely, as is your new header. You're one hot mama!

A Nest With A View said...

I know, you figure out BALANCE and tell me how to do it. That would work great for me. Thank you for your support in 2009, you are a giver.

Sandy Michelle said...

That's the perfect word to describe the goals I've set for myself this year too! I just want to spend as much time with my kids and husband as I do blogging etc. That to me is balance. All the best to you in the new year Alisa!

Sandy xox

Nelly said...

Beautiful post all around! Love that necklace. My word would be create. I need to deal with my fears and create more. There was another clever blog I read about writing a letter to fear and tell it to pretty much take a long hike.

TinyBear said...

well said Alisa - just my word too.
Haven´t even dared to start my to do list yet - have so many things I would like to do this year :D
Have a wonderful day
Hugs, Tina

ps Love the necklace

Joanna {sweet finds} said...

Happy New Year, Alisa!

I've been thinking about that 1 lil' word too. Am kinda learning towards 'healthy'... but not sure.
You know, healthy life, eating, attitude, just not sure how I can put that back into my artwork. Other than the fact, if I feel good... it will show in my artwork. Got more thinking to do! Anyhoo, thanks for being a good friend. Happy New Year to you & your family.


Caleen said...

Wow.. Great word.. So true. I so love your pictures and the beautiful necklace.. Very fitting and a great word to start the new year. I need to pick a word.. Um' so many.. I need balance too.. Happy New Year.. I am sure you will help me with "Balance" too.. So,.. if you have any ideas.. just send them my way :)

Diane said...

Such a good question, Alisa....

I think I'm seeking peace of mind and the ability to rise above the rocks in the road with grace.