Wednesday, December 30, 2009


This was my "one little word" for 2009. It took longer than normal for me to find my word, but when I did, well... it was amazing how right it felt. (But that seems to take me by surprise every year.)

My journey was a kind of walkabout for me. It was to be about my art. About singing it down an unknown path... taking it to new places... new adventures. It was to be a journey of learning. And I was so excited to listen to the composing song it would create along the way.

At the time, I thought that meant a LolliShop. But it turns out, that wasn't the song my spirit wanted to sing. It wasn't the path the art wanted to take. But the path it has taken, has been a wonderfully amazing one!

I have learned SO much, this past year, about myself from this journey. The song has been a beautiful one. The melody flitting about like a butterfly through a sunbeam on a perfect Spring day.

One of the best aspects of this journey, has been sharing it here on my blog, with you. I cannot express to you how grateful and humbled I truly am by your constant return and the encouraging comments you always leave for me. They have helped to push me and my art, to new heights and places. I thank you, from the bottom of my heart for that.

I hope that every one of you has been and still are enjoying this Holiday Season. Bless you all and big hugs to you from me!


tina said...

It has been an honor to walk with you through this year, Alisa. You are so inspiring and encouraging. You are a beautiful person. Happy New Year, my friend.

knitterbeader said...

Alisa, your blog continues to inspire me and make me "feel good"! Carry on.............

The Feathered Nest said...

Oh Alisa...all of your artwork is so BEAUTIFUL!!! I love how you displayed it month by month gorgeous ~ I hope your journey in 2010 is blessed and happy sweet friend!!! hugs and love, Dawn

Sandy Michelle said...

What a wonderful ode to this past year! I wish you more success in the new year!

Sandy xox

Wanda said...

That was a beautiful journey you took us all on. I can't wait to see what you crank out this year. I still need to take a good picture of my peacock. I hope you had a great Christmas. Happy New Year, my bloggy friend!

Mary Wadsworth said...

May your journey continue to be filled with joy and blessings. I am so thankful our paths crossed and I have had the chance to know you better through your beautiful work and inspiring words.

Happy New Year,


TinyBear said...

What a wonderful journey Alisa.
I love all those photos you´re sharing and are looking forward to see much more in the new year. I love seing your creations - you are so a grreat inpiration.
Wishing you a wonderful and joyful and creative new year.
Happy New Year~
xoxo Tina

the wild raspberry said...

that was so beautifully written alisa.

i hope that you have a very happy new year.

big hugs to you~


Lori said...

what a sweet post Alisa...Happy New Year to You and Yours!!!

Elly said...

All my best wishes for you Alisa!
Loved your creative journey, see you next year!
Hugs, Elly

Caleen said...

I have enjoyed watching you in your journey. You have made some amazing art and I have enjoyed being inspired. Thank you for being a great blogging friend. Happy New Year to you and yours.. God Bless.

Charlene said...

Alisa you have made some amazing things this year! I love your style. It is so me! Hope you & yours have a wonderful & Happy New Year! Hugs! Charlene

Suz said...

I love the piece you made for me for the Great Art Exchange. In fact, I love what you do...your work is incredible.

You have me thinking about my "word"...interestingly you mentioned it in the next paragraph...perhaps "push."

Thanks for sharing yourself and your work!

The Pink Birdhouse said...

Alisa, Happy New Year to you! What a wonderfully written post! I can not tell you how much it touched me with your elequence of words!! I hope your journey continues to be a blessing and keep you happy, and that you will share your beautiful art with all of us here on blogger. hugs, Debby

natalea said...

what a wonderful post Alisa!
wishing you much balance as you continue on your art journey and with everything else you fill your year with! xo natalea

Cheryl Carey Bass said...

Thank you for sharing your journey with me, both here and in real life. I'm living and learning, too, and am so thankful for the influence you've had (and continue to have) on my life walk!