Monday, March 31, 2008

Weekend Recap and Some Other Things

Everything seems to be moving slow this morning. Maybe it's just me. Busy weekend + sinus yuck = tired. And that's what I am. Doesn't help that I'm drinking decaf this morning... gotta get to the store!

Saturday evening my farmboy and I took pretty lady out on the town. It was actually part of a Christmas present to her. Under the tree several months ago there was a box with a little black dress in it. And there was a second box with tickets to the ballet.

We went to Truluck's for dinner. Divine... seafood stuffed portabella... tenderloin medallion... creme brulee.
Then we went down to the Music Hall and saw the Texas Ballet Theater perform Dracula.

I thought it was absolutely wonderful! The costumes are always so gorgeous. Dracula's wives' dresses were very inspiring. I have a few ideas brewing now. Even my farmboy said he enjoyed it. I guess there was enough testosterone due to Dracula's character. Whether or not I'll ever get him to take me to Swan Lake is another question!
We finished up the evening as we always finish up evenings like this one. Went to Cafe Brazil for a late night latte and then home.
It was a very nice night and pretty lady enjoyed her gift.

Now for some pretties... my little hands have been busy making luggage tags for a special someone.

These were so easy and fun to make. I had this sheet of scrapbook paper of vintage beach/sea images from this kit that I got from Scrapologie last summer. I cut out the images, mounted them to cardstock, wrote the owner information on the back (cardstock side) and then laminated them. I finished them up by threading black elastic through a punched hole in the end of the tag and then machine stitched the ends of the elastic together. Good looking and functional.

I've been working on some other things, gifts and shoppe items, that I'll show you later this week. Just finishing them up.

And I'm waiting very patiently for these lovely little country girls to arrive on my doorstep. I actually got the kit and can't wait to make them just for me!

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knitsational said...

I love your new banner and background. How fresh and summery! What a fun night out with your family. I can't wait until my girls are old enough to do things like that with them. And what great luggage tags. That's a great way to liven up my old bags!