Thursday, March 20, 2008

Getting back to normal

Good morning! It is a very good spring morning here.
As of yesterday my parents are officially out of the house. Everything has been packed up and moved out... to my house, to my sister's house or to storage. We said our goodbyes yesterday to the house. Acting on the advice of a friend, I carved my name into the woodwork of my old closet. And Tammy, in 73 yrs when that little girl is crawling around the closet and finds my name, she will be doubley surprised because my sister did the same in her's. That we both did it is kinda neat as our closets were connected. Just a couple of shelves and hanging bars dividing them. We carved them side by side, her's on her side mine on my side. My dad balked at it, but I caught him twice going in there to look at the names! So I'm done being a crazy head over it, at least for a few weeks. We'll see what happens when they actually leave the continent!

I have some pretties to show. These came in the mail.

The quilting squares are from Yayabun Boutique. She was so sweet and threw some found extras in for nothing. She's a great lady to shop from! And the pretty beaded birdie, lace and little french bits and buttons are from Blissful Provisions. This a wonderful shop to get supplies from. I'm going to try my hand at making a quilt. I want one to take to and sit on at the park. I'm really excited about it. I can see myself now... pretty quilt all folded neatly in the front basket of the wonderful pink bicycle I've picked out! HeeHee! I bet my 15 yr old refuses to go anywhere with me on that bike! Anyway no idea what I'm going to do with the bird and goodies yet, but I have a hard time passing up birdies!

I'm off to try sorting through all of the newly aquired possesions from my parents and hopefuly on a vintage shopping excursion for the party swap. I have great plans for that!!

Have a beautiful spring day!


Lori said...

Hi Alisa, i love that you and your sister carved your names into your old closet:) and very sweet that your dad came to look!!! loving your mail goodies, i wanted one of the white birds from Beth too!!!

Sarah said...

Fun sewing goodies. I started a quilt 6 years ago. HA I have all 12 of the 12x12 blocks done but never pieced it together/framed it out with borders. I had the intentions of completing if for my now 5 year old for when she moved to big girl bed at 2 1/2. Gosh...I should get that back out and FINISH IT!!!

knitsational said...

I keep meaning to quilt. Maybe if I just jump right in and get all the materials. Or I'll just put it on my list of things to try. What a lovely buch of goodies!