Monday, February 18, 2008

Wonderful Weekend

What a great weekend! It was just the two of us and the best part...we got to do everything I wanted to do! Can you say "SPOILED"? It was actually my valentine from my sweet Farmboy.
So what did we do? Saturday we started off with a yummy breakfast at Voila! Good coffee. Then we headed over to the square in McKinney. One of my absolute favorite happy places! Despite the rain (and at one point I thought we might get swished away) we had a great time hitting all of the antique and vintage shops. I picked up some pretties...

Some lovely ladies and babies, a birdcage (love the lacey trim around the top), some sparkly baubles, a beginners french book and I went ahead and picked up some german glass glitter in the yummiest spring colors. The cloche was what he picked up, along with some candles. Don't tell him, but because of his fascination with these bell jars sometimes I wonder if he doesn't have secret fantasies about being a victorian armchair botanist! And see that sweet little birdie, he was sneaky and bought that for me without me even knowing! Gosh, I love that guy!!!
Anyway, we had a nice lunch at the Londoner. The Shepards pie was pretty darn good. Then on our way back to the car while I popped into a building to use the restroom, he found a wine shop and started chatting up the sweet lady behind the counter. When I found him, that sweet lady was about to pour him a tasting of her favorite wine. No worries, I don't think she would have tried to get him drunk to take advantage of him. She was 71 after all. But a hoot! I have no idea how many different wines she had us taste. And all for free. We did bring home a bottle of one of my favs from the tasting.

So on Sunday we ended up going back to McKinney, but to the flea market this time.

I spent quite awhile digging through seriously wet and rusty metal bits. But it was worth it. I'm very happy with my treasures. We found a great candelabra for the garden. I'm so ready for warm evenings to dine outdoors.

Okay, have you seen this?!

It seriously takes my breath away everytime I look at it. LOVE those colors! I got it Saturday and have already read it cover to cover. Pretty sure it's going to take center stage on my desk, so everytime I sit down I see it.

Alright, I guess I've pittlefarted around long enough. Time to clean this pig-sty of a house. (No pictures of it though!) How it got like this over the weekend I can't figure out... none of the kids were home!

Have a beautiful day.

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Barbara said...

Oh my goodness!!! Victoria! I Had their very first magazine delivered to my home years ago. Did not realize they came back! Out to the Book shop to see if I can get a copy!!