Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Early morning loves

I've been sitting here this morning with a sweet little Daisy next to me and a hot cup of coffee in hand browsing the net and procrastinating the morning run. But it has been totally worth it. Found some new loves.

While reading favorite blogs, I found this over at Flea Market Studio. Okay seriously, I think it's pretty cool every time I watch Marie Antoinette and now I can have it myself, not just see it in a movie!

Then while checking out what was new over here I found her! For a girl who LOVES birdies this is a wonderful find!

Rebecca Sower is having a "day to disconnect". Love this idea. I'm going to attempt it sometime this week.

I made these a couple of years ago. Not too difficult. How pretty is this? I think I actually have this issue. Going to have to pull that out!

Something that I really, really, really love this morning is this...

It's coming. Slowly but surely!

Okay, time to make the list:
*order some flowering tea
*watch Marie Antoinette (gonna throw this in just because)
*buy a beautiful corsage (the hard part is going to be choosing one!)
*schedule a time this week to do nothing but create for a day
*decide on Easter decorations
*enjoy the day
*oh, and go for that run :(

Here's to finding some new loves today!

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