Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Project Life {Week 23}

I am almost certain all the gods of Olympus
were fighting against me last night.
It all started when I misplaced my brain.
I'm not even sure when I removed it from my head,
but evidently I did,
and y'all, I hadn't even started drinking at that point.
You see, I plugged my phone into my laptop
so I could go through the photos on it from June.
The plan was
{which never varies from month to month...  I do it the very same every time}
to choose which pics I would use and move the ones not to be used over to the computer.
From there I could then reformat the ones to be used on my phone for my little wireless printer.
Instead I moved the entire first week of June over.
{and I'm not talking seven photos.  I take a lot of pics.  Have you seen my Instagram??}
Thank goodness I only moved the first week!
Because once I finished having a fit over that mistake, it only got better.
{insert sarcasm}
I opened those photos up in Photoshop and spent a good amount of time processing
and resizing them.
From there I took my laptop to another room in the house
where the printer resides,
{why we haven't set it up for wireless I'm not quite sure
since the Farmboy is an IT genius}
plugged it in and printed my photos.
Only to have them come out RED.
{and I swear I did not drop a bagel chip into the printer this time}
I had hoped an ink change and cleaning the heads a gajillion times would have fixed that, but no.
It did not.
So smarty me thought I could beat it
and I changed all the photos to black and white.
Didn't change a thing.
And that's when I got the wine out.
And decided to just put the week together minus the photos.
They will have to wait until I get a chance to go get a new printer.
Can't thwart me, o ye gods of olde!


Photocat said...

O dear... One of those days where one would spit blood I say... No pun intended. What you did was good, just postpone the whole thing...
When in a next Zen state, have a go at it again.
Rooting for you!
(IT and network engineers are the worst kind to have in the house... I know it because I have one too. I do all the friggin networking...and other trouble shooting computer stuff)

PamelaArtsinSF said...

Funny!! I'll come over and have some wine with you. But all looks good to me....