Monday, December 2, 2013

December Daily 2013

Happy Monday!
I hope everyone had a lovely week last week
and all of my fellow Americans a wonderful Thanksgiving.
I had hoped to get by here last week, but obviously it didn't happen.
So if you remember, a couple of weeks ago I started preparing for December Daily.
Not long after that post I stayed up till 3 o'clock in the morning putting my journal together.
I just didn't want to stop.
You might not know this about me, but I covet velvet.
Velvet anything.
Especially old velvet.
It just so happened that while putting my book together this bit of old, blue, velvet ribbon was sitting on my worktable.  I had thought to use it on another project, but while putting my signatures together I noticed how beautifully it went with the Basic Grey Fuitcake paper.
Ooh.  Makes me a bit giddy, that ribbon does.
Also I wanted to try binding my book block into the spine this way.
Even though I reinforced my spine well, I still had to do some repairs afterward.
{and looks like I need to on the inside now}
That's how it goes when you use a book that's around 90 years old.
But man, I think it was worth it to showcase that blue velvet.
Though I've started the intro pages of this year's book, I'm not exactly sure how I'm going to tackle the inside pages.  I'm pretty sure these two aren't finished.
However, I really need to keep this project as simple as I can.
The first year I did a December Daily {2010} it was more in a traditional scrapbook style.
In 2011 I went full on grungy art journal.
Last year I had started to go the same route, but it just didn't feel right and ended up turning towards a more clean and doodly style than grungy.
At the moment I'm feeling a combination of both of those, however, there are some traditional scrapbook techniques that I might try to incorporate into my style.
{whatever that might be...}
Last week I finished up a current art piece I was working on and have decided to not start the next as I had intended to, but instead designate the month of December to only December Daily {this year's and past,} as well as, catching up and finishing Project Life.
Crossing my fingers I can do it!


Photocat said...

So happy to see this splendid post from you. I am sure you will do the Christmas book... The velvet does fit the cover. I was amazed to see Thackeray. Well done. I hope we will get to see some of the finished pages, or is that incredibly rude to say?

Leanne said...

Lovely. I still haven't launched into my Basic Grey stuff to make a journal ... yet. I have a stack of 8x8 paper I want to use though, and do you think I can find 8x8 sized covers to make a journal out of? *sigh* I think I'm gonna have to finish a cereal box and make one out of that. I *almost* made one out of an old album before realizing that that should be something of vintages and whites, not the planned purples, greens and pinks. *sigh*

anyway, enough complaining and back to the oohing and ahhing ...

Lauren@PaperHelen said...

Oh, Alisa - it's gorgeous!

Robin Thomas said...


This is so utterly gorgeous.

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