Thursday, June 6, 2013

On My Worktable {Balancing}

As usual, my worktable is full of projects.
Always so much going on.
Some are projects waiting to be started.
Some are waiting to be finished.
Some have been waiting to be finished for a very long time.

Some are projects that are on-going.
Some are waiting to be given to others.
Some are in memory of others.

Some are projects full of family memories.
And some are dreams waiting to come true.

The tricky part to my worktable is finding a balance.
When to work on what.
How much time to spend on each so that it all gets finished.

Just when I think I've figured out how to get it all done,
my mental worktable gets thrown into the mix.

All the life things like laundry, what's for dinner,
weeding the flower beds, cleaning toilets,
making sure the bills are paid,
how to make those big dreams come true.

I used to crumple to the floor in a heap of frayed and wailing nerves
when I couldn't get everything finished
in a timely and rose scented manner.
But now,
now I have learned to pull my shoulders back and charge it head on,
like a bull with a bee in his bonnet, and give it my all.
And if not everything gets taken care of,
then it doesn't.
I gave it my best.

And that is enough.
Even if some days my best is no more than taking a shower and writing a blog post.


BucksCountyFolkArt said...

I hear ya.
There are days that are so full and yet, by the end of the day, I have no idea what I spent the day doing!
Some days are full of creativity, while most are filled with reality..chores and the never-ending To Do List.
Love your pics and seeing your beautiful work.

Wanda said...

You should show your work table mre is fascinating. You'll get it all done...on your own are fine. :)

PamelaArtsinSF said...

Wow--your work table is sooooo much neater than mine.....but I share the feelings you wrote about. There are only so many hours in each day and we do what we can. I think it is better to find joy in the process rather than have some lovely projects there...

Dorthe said...

I love your best , doing just a little is what some dayes are made of !! And not all can be perfect!!!
Your table looks perfect though! I love all your -on their way - art pieces, the journal, beautifully painted bird,-the collection for someones!! so many beautiful things going on there on your table, dear Alisa .

Celeste Kemmerer said...

I had to laugh! I recently crawled out of bed only to discover that my motivation had gone somewhere without me, and I had so much to do. I love the glimpse of your work table. Mine is not nearly so photogenic.

jackie said...

You are so right! I totally get you and what you are saying! It doesn't matter!

The old saying is the older we get the wiser......I agree!

Thanks for the post!

Lorrie said...

Love the glimpse of your worktable and the glimpse inside your thinking mind. I feel so much the same - so many projects, so many ideas, so little time. 16

Deb said...

What a wonderful work table scattered with projects ... just shows you are filled with inspiration & ideas :-)Love that word Balance ♥

Stopping by from my friend Monica {the white bench}

Photocat said...

Nothing more can be asked of you then to do your best. Neat to have a closer look at the little things on your table. The lace looks intriguing, and so does the flat dog. Hmmm... A day only has 24 hours and we only have two hands and one brain. ;o)

Charlene said...

AMEN SISTER!!!! I hear you loud & clear. I so recognize some of your projects (the crown from Gilded Girls class we took together... is mine finished? Yes! Is it hung? NO!) Love your stitched piece & journal of course.... Tell me your favorite "Lettering Book". I signed up for some online lettering classes & do you think I have done any? NO!!! I've been packing/moving/remodeling houses. SO MUCH HARD WORK! I'm ready for some balance & playing with my toys. Problem... finding them. Good luck with that BALANCE THING! But, glad there are others in my boat! HUGS!

Monica said...

You know what I have realized only recently (after I've been an artist all of my life)?? That it's impossible that we find balance. Totally. And it's totally NORMAL. We, as creative souls, need to always start anew, stay fresh, make new, it's the creative process that nurtures us. Since I have started my career as licensing artist, I have my studio always filled with many projects. I usually work on 3-4 collections at a time, and often they become 5-6 at a time, so you may be able to imagine the total mess (also mental) that you are going to deal with every single day. But I don't mind because I LOVE what I do, I breathe my work and it keeps me sane and serene. There are sketches in my sketchbooks that have been waiting for me for years... who knows if they'll ever find their way to a finished project for the world to enjoy.
And I have also realized that balance is impossible in my home, because as much as I do my best and love a tidy and spotless home, when you work so many hours per day it's almost impossible to keep it all spic & span and well- ordered. I have papers to be checked on my table, expenses to be registered, designes to be scanned, 4 new collections scattered along my studio floor, together with boxes of packing materials arrived in the mail and ready for my etsy shop, the project I'm making for you still yelling at me hoping to catch my attention (and I keep telling it- hey, I know you're there!!), sewing projects just for ME that NEED to be finished, on my kitchen table (because the studio is a horrible mess, and BTW I have to spend the morning tidying up...), laundered clothes to be ironed and put away, and on and on. But you know it's part of the game. And when you shift your mind to the idea that it's totally normal, and you allow yourself to be unbalanced, everything gets finished on time, your home is (almost always) clean and tidy and you are even relaxed in the end! :)
Love to you!! xoxo