Monday, June 3, 2013

Coffee and the Sea

If you follow me on Instagram then you know
the Farmboy and I swept ourselves away to the island
a couple of weeks ago.
Well, swept may be too swift of a description as we
got on a broken plane
got off a broken plane
got on a working plane
ran 38 gates through an airport
missed a plane
got on another plane
and then got on a 9 seat flying sports car which was flown by a pilot who seemed to find more interest in the state of his manicure than his control panel or what lay outside his windshield.
{but I would totally do that last plane again... quite exhilarating being in the clouds like that}
{nothing like being on a 747}
So we went.
It was a much needed time for the over-stressed Farmboy.
{and we don't like our Farmboys over-stressed}
We went and we drank coffee and we stared at the sea.
And life was good.
{wait.  that's a pinot grigio and the sea}
Until he and my father went diving and I chose not to
for reasons unbeknownst to even myself.
And I missed the eagle rays.
Wait.  Let me be a little more clear about my disappointment.
Three of them.  I even knew they had been hanging around; knew before I ever left home.
And I forgot.
The only thing I wanted to see while there
{except for my parents}
and I forgot about them.
{no.  that's a pig swilling a beer}
So, I pushed my anguish aside and
I drank more coffee and stared at the sea a little harder.
I love being at home.
I am a homebody without a doubt.
But I do also so love to go away on an adventure.
I never fail to come home refreshed and full of inspiration.
Even when I miss out on eagle rays.
Before I sign off, I'd like to say thank you.
Thank you to everyone who helped out with
the online Auction for Oklahoma.
Thank you for placing bids.  Thank you for spreading the word.
You make life a beautiful place to be.


Photocat said...

I love your gorgeous blue cup, the blue sea, and I have no idea what eagle rays are... Looks like you had a relaxing trip, if you don't count the plane stuff. Welcome back! I am so bummed that I did not win your book. I should have put in a little higher. ;o)

Lorrie said...

Sounds like a wonderful trip, even if you did miss the eagle rays. Feet propped up, sunshine, cool drinks and the sea - what could be better?

Sandy C said...

I have admired your vaca. pix on instagram. I love Pinot Grigio too and I need to get a 'Sandy Beach' cup like that.

Dorthe said...

YOU makes me laugh!!
That`s a part of my loving,- visiting you :-) apart from seing your gorgeous books and other art pieces,- and your wonderful photoes, too!! Like your toes ,lol---
Good you are safe back home--I mean those plains!!!
Enjoy your cosy home- and the coffee-or another Pinot Grigio , -smiles!!
and hugs-Dorthe