Monday, April 29, 2013

The Art of the Zentangle

I've really been wanting to step up my doodling skills.
Especially so after looking through all of the amazing work I've seen pinned on Pintrest.
Like this and this and this.
{really I could go on and on}
But man, that blank white page gets me every time.
I really needed something in my doodle arsenal that I could use as a jumpstart tool.
And then one day I came across this book-

For me, this has been a really good instructional book.
I've enjoyed learning the different tangles and patterns.
My favorites are the more organic ones.
I'm not a very geometric kinda girl.

The one thing about zentangling though,
and this is only my own perception on what I've read and seen,
is there seems to be a lot of rules.
And those rules must be followed in order to call what you have drawn an actual zentangle.
{of course, I could be completely wrong on this matter}
I don't follow rules well.
At least not when it comes to art.

Anyway, I've been having a good time going through the lessons in my practice journal
and then applying them elsewhere in my doodle journal.
Zentangles, doodles, pen & paper...
fun stuff.
Do you zentangle?


Dorthe said...

No Alisa, I do not Zentangle!!
But I think what many others does, looks fantastic, and love yours in the book.
I think I am like you, not very geometrical,and can`t follow rules if doing doodles and drawings, so I will properly never make a real zentangle!

PamelaArtsinSF said...

Non, I don't either but yours look good! I actually don't even know what a zentangle actually is.....

Lorrie said...

No, I don't. But I've thought about it. Yours look great!

emily said...

I read a book, tried to follow the rules and gave up. I don't zentangle, I doodle away and make fun patterns and I'm pretty happy.

jackie said...

Awesome job Alisa! You have really mastered this fun art!

I have taken a couple group classes and really enjoyed have got me thinking once again and I need to pull out my pens and paper to start the process......

You need to be teaching a class.......maybe you can come teach at the Paper Crown in Oklahoma City. We would love to have you!

Robin Thomas said...

Yes. Class. What a great idea!

Something I can watch you do and drool.

And I know a place you can stay.

Photocat said...

You seem to have mastered the shadows of zentangles too. I am still in the trying case but yours look absolutely better then mine. Hopefull though as I am starting my first drawing class tomorrow. Can you say anticipation? ;o)