Monday, April 22, 2013

And She's Back

As you know,
I took a break.
And I liked it.
But, I did miss everyone
and my head is no longer spinning round my shoulders,
so I am back.
Here's a quick update on what's been going on...
1.  After four plumbers, two estimates and one conversation/advice session on everything from tree removal to television remote controls our broken pipes have been fixed and the toilets can be flushed without any fear now.
2.  Both the bathroom and studio renovations are not complete, but they are near completion and both rooms are usable.
3.  However, there is now a bed in my dining room.
4.  I flew to Nebraska and made art.
5.  I am behind on Project Life, but still truckin' along and enjoying it.
6.  Lately my dreams have been taking place in space, but not always inside a spaceship.
7.  I wonder what that means.
Please, tell me what have you been doing all this time I've been gone?


marianne@songbird said...

So happy that you are back. I missed you!

Lorrie said...

How lovely to see a post from you pop up in my reader. I've missed you.

Not much novel has happened around here. Spring is in full bloom, but the nights are still frosty. I've been doing a lot of sewing, but nothing much to show on the blog.

kandeland said...

good to see you back. i've been on a bit of an unplanned break myself...been having fun and completely lacking creativity- that's about it! xo

Jillayne said...

hah - still doing all the same things I was doing when you left... except, I finally finished a quilt I started for my mother 20 years ago - Yay!
Nice to see you back again, and that you had a good break...

Celeste Kemmerer said...

I missed you! Our bathroom remodels are progressing along at snail's pace. I decided my studio needed help and rearranged only to remember why I had arranged it the way I did. I'll be happier when the new shower enclosure isn't taking up valuable studio space.

Robin Thomas said...

I think we should be able to flush without fear.