Wednesday, February 6, 2013

One Little Word + Music

One Little Word and music;
have you ever put the two together?
I can't say that I ever did, at least consciously, until last year.
Throughout the year Ali provides you with a monthly prompt
to help you keep your word within your focus.

One month the prompt happened to be music;
creating a personal soundtrack for your word + year.
I thought, "What a great idea!"
and when I opened up my playlists on my phone
and started taking a good look at what I had going on there,
I realized that I had already chosen, and was listening to, a handful of songs
that supported and inspired my word

{I should note here that I grew up in a house full of music and was raised by a musically talented father, so I have an appreciation for music that pretty much spans all genres.}
This year I have found myself listening to not a playlist of music,
but a station of music.
At some point daily, I have Pandora playing
and set to P!nk as a station.
Girl power.
It's inspiring me to DO.
What have you been listening to lately?


Photocat said...

Hah, do you really want to know that? I have been listening to Old Indy Dutch schlagers, Cumbia, MARIACHI of course, Beethoven, and I am big on playlists... Like Glee's Bestestsssss and Harry Knilson. Willy Mink Deville to Pepe Aguilar... Los Tucanes de Tijuana... Name it and I might have it! I DO have a special fiddle room playlist also, dare I name it: little Pedrito Fernandez, from the age of 5-ish till 13... I know , I am weird. Grin.

Lorrie said...

I love Mumford and Sons, oldies from the 70s, and classical music - Vivaldi, Beethoven, Chopin. There's a music for every mood!

Your pages are so great!

Dorthe said...

A great way of showing your choises going with that one little word, Alisa-
AND your pages from january in your last post are so WONDERFUL - the glassine envelopes as hidings , great way, and the colours you have spread all over, so happy.
I love it.
Almost back to "normal" but still coughing :-(

kandeland said...

Oh MUSIC! I couldn't live without it, and it's funny because although my brother and I grew up in a house lacking in both music and books, as adults both of us can't get enough of either. I love so many genres as well and I think music just has to fit your mood and atmosphere. For Sunday night at the beach it's 40's jazz, for cleaning on weekend mornings it's world fusion, for reading and journaling it's cello or opera and for the gym it's gangster rap! Very cool to put your "word" to music. I have been wanting to do a round robin journal themed around song lyrics, interpreted in art, for some time now...if you're ever interested....xo