Monday, November 19, 2012

My Timeline

I walked into my studio
{currently known as the dumping ground}
to look for something specific that I absolutely needed to find.
I looked for 5 minutes,
stood up and told it
{the studio},
"You can't keep it from me!"
I didn't use my inside voice.
I walked out and 15 minutes later returned...
with more determination.
I started digging again.
After more time than I'd like to admit I found myself digging through baskets in a small armoire.
That's when I came across my timeline.
A couple of years ago during a Brave Girls online Soul Restoration class
timelines were something we created.
I remember when I started it I thought it wasn't any big deal,
but I found as I got into it that it was a
big deal-
a real big deal.
I found that parts of my spirit which had been hurt in the past, and which I had thought fixed, were not actually completely healed.
This strip of paper,
onto which I was painting, gluing and writing,
revealed so much.
I saw what still needed to be done, as well as, how far I had come already.
Coming across this and looking through it made me feel good.
I also realize that I need to go ahead and extend it.
I've grown a lot these last two years.
Growth I'm really proud of and hope to continue.
After awhile I set it aside and resumed my dig, as I remembered what I had been initially looking for.
Five more minutes and I found myself with my arms raised above my head,
prize gripped tightly in my hand, yelling out,
"Ha!  You can't thwart me!  Good try, studio!  Good try!"
Speaking of self improvement...
I'm not sure if that warrants
counseling or a professional organizer.
Probably both.


Monica said...

This has touched a cord, Alisa. Will go and look for "timelines", I am really interested in making mine.
Oh, and I NEVER find in my studio what I'm looking for in less than 15 minutes! Never! Glad you finally succeeded :)
Big hugs.

Margaret said...

Well done you! Your timeline looks wonderful, I love your colours. I was a bit hesitant about making mine but it actually really helped, it marked some real turning points in my life (good and bad) and made me realise what I've done in my life! Mx

Dorthe said...

OH Alisa, you makes me smile :-)
Could have been me, searching, "falling" over long forgotten pieces, to reveal again, looking back to the past, and what happened since then!It is a wonderful "piece of paper"
Hugs,Dorthe said...

I'm so glad you posted this! My daughter, sister and I all took Soul Restoration 1 together. Health issues prevented me from finishing the class. Your timeline is beautiful and poignant. You post and photos show just how important our pasts are. I don't know what happened when you were 12 but I just prayed for you. YOU are what makes your life a beautiful place to be. Thank you and hugs to you.

Celeste Kemmerer said...

I always figure you can clean and organize or you can create...pick one--there usually isn't time for both. And talking to your studio makes absolutely perfect sense (I've been known to commit similar acts.)

Sandy Camarda said...

I love looking through old journals and adding to them as things change over the years...

Photocat said...

Old blue bruises on little souls can bug us for the longest time. Not an easy thing to have to live through some serious soul bruising. But one day they will turn yellow and you will be on your way, and you are. I can tell when I look at your art...

Jillayne said...

Your timeline is a wonderful and thoughtful project and process - I've never heard of them before and am intrigued. For myself, listening to my children's perspectives on their early years has helped me sift through some of my own memories - everything is real to a child is what I have found, and the smallest of things can become very large. I found a quote the other day that I liked and it was something along the lines of there are far better days ahead than those left behind. I like that. I have been blessed/cursed with a good memory and though the past is never really far away for me, i do love the possibility today and tomorrow always hold.
I love this post Alisa - it's one of the best.

Suzanne said...

Alisa thank you for sharing your timeline with us. I'm presently doing Soul Restoration and its my time to begin the digging process so I can lay it all out. Hopefully it will look as beautiful as yours by the time I'm done and that I will have learned a tremendous amount about myself in the process. Blessings!