Monday, November 12, 2012

I Finally Went Out and Bought Some Ink

A few weeks ago I found some time
{and finally got out and bought some more ink for the printer}
to finish up the Kingdom of Fife section of my Scotland travel journal.
It's going to be interesting to look through this book when it's completely finished.
I've sort of broken it up in sections and as I set aside blocks of time to work in it,
I'm finding that I'm doing slightly different things within the different sections.
And it seems like what I do depends on what I find myself doing in my other journals at that time.
Different things such as, applying more layers of paint or more doodling,
using Copics and charcoal more on the backgrounds
and even a bit of sketching.
The amount of time I spend on it in one sitting is playing a role in how it's turning out as well.
So, yeah.  Looking forward to seeing the finished project.
Though it might be awhile with trying to get caught up and ready with the December Daily books.


Tina @ TinyBear Studio said...

Your travel journal is awesome Alisa - I love how you use different lettering.
I´m still practicing - can´t really get the hold of it...hmm

Photocat said...

I wished I could fondle the book in person. It looks smashing, and the rain pic is exactly what I think of Scotland. But it's so lovely. Edinburgh is a fascinating city. Do let me know if you are in the surroundings again, I can easily take the train up to Edinburgh...
Your book looks fascinating, and very organised chaos. I love it! Hope that we will be able to see the full project if that would be OK with you! Wonderful!

Monica said...

I've been in Edinburgh several times, and all around Scotland as well. That is definitely a magical place, that I always love to visit. Not sure if I'd live there with their looow temperatures though (being italian I think about temperatures and climate an awful lot when I have to move!). My dearest English buddy is from Edinburgh, BTW.
Your journal is absolutely fantastic, Alisa, such an inspiration! Maybe one day, I'll make a travel journal too. Looks like I'm not good at that when I'm on vacation!

Julia said...

Alisa, your book is exquisite! What a gorgeous keepsake. I love how you captured the mood of the photos in your artwork. So beautiful.

Lorrie Orr said...

I love all the lettering and fancy titles you've created. Such a fun book to explore.

Celeste Kemmerer said...

Your book is beautiful! Someday I want to add journaling to my list of crafts...

Privet and Holly said...

I love that you are very
selective in your choice of
pictures.....They each seem
to have great meaning. I need
to do this; beautiful!

xo Suzanne

kandeland said...

i just love it! xo

Robin Thomas said...

Gee Alisa, I don't know whee to start? The precious layered tape? The green scalloped border?

I want to take this class. Please offer one.

Elizabeth said...

Lovely travel journal.

Sathya Susana said...

Hi there dear Alisa!
Love your artwork,lovely photos!!!! thank so much for sharing... greetings from Playa del Carmen, Mexico.