Monday, October 1, 2012

YOU Are the Best

You seriously are.
There was a time, awhile ago, when I was thinking about closing down my blog.
I know that I'm not really all that wordy and that lately my photos have not been as crisp as they could be.
{I'm not sure if I need to go to the eye doctor or if I've just been very impatient lately.
I'm refusing to go to the eye doctor.  I'm already starting to look like my Grandmother. 
I don't need (want) him to tell me I need bifocals.}
Anyway, I'm glad I didn't.
{close down the blog}
Really glad.
I was recently reading some blogging advice.
It said your blog should feel like your kitchen table.
A place your reader can come, join you for a cup of coffee and chat comfortably.
I like that.
I have plenty of coffee and tea and wine too, so I've got my bases covered there.
Just know that you'll probably have to move that car part over,
because someone has a hard time keeping his toys in his garage
and my dog will probably drool on your shoe begging for food.
Oh, and you most definitely will leave here covered in animal fur...
white and black so it really doesn't matter what color you wear...
nothing is going to hide it.
{sorry for that}
And in the meantime I'm going to work on that chatty part,
but please bare with me- I am an introvert after all.
So again, thank you for everything.
Whether or not you leave comments, just stopping by here makes me feel special.
And really, who doesn't like to feel special.
The True Random Number Generator
said the winner is
number 4.
Yay, Julia!
Speaking of, Julia and her amazing, amazing, A.MAZING outlook on life will be having surgery tomorrow.
So if you could please send prayers and positive energy her way that would be wonderful.
Thank you and I love y'all!


Anonymous said...

Alisa, you're so kind and generous and creative! I'm so glad I found your blog online. :) It is definitely one of the brightest places I know. No matter what you post, I am always inspired and that's a beautiful thing. Thank you kindly for the remarks and woohoo, I'm just all smiles at winning your drawing!!! I appreciate you.

Monica said...

You are a beautiful soul. I'm so glad I found you out there in cyberspace (or did you found me on Pinterest? Can't remember)! As for closing down your blog, I've felt the very same and even wrote an article on Artful Blogging some years ago about my struggles with my blog- now I have two! Hehehe

Dorthe said...

OH Alisa, it is alwayes with a smile I leave your blog, so please continue blogging :-)
As for Julia, are so very lucky to have won this gorgeous giveaway.Congratulations.

Sandy Camarda said...

I agree because I only read blogs that make me feel warm and cozy inside :)

Sandy xox

Cheryl Carey Bass said...

Good for you not giving up on blogging. Yours is amazing. I wish I could be as determined as you. Way to Go!

Danee said...

I am so thrilled you didn't close shop. There are so few blogs out there that show well made projects. I find a lot of really really bad designs and horrible craftsmanship. Those who care enough to make good work need to stick around.

A Work In Progress said...

I am glad you did not close up shop...I love revisiting it and looking forward to new posts...Don't be hesitant to get bifocals...I went strait from a mild prescription to trifocals...Best thing I ever did...I did not realize what I was missing around me. I can sit an read for longer periods of time, see things from a distance that I might have missed before. The lines are invisible so to look at me you would not know I am wearing them. to boot, I have had lot's of compliments on my glasses from women in their 20's and I am now 42.

Photocat said...

I like that: comparing our blog with our kitchen table. People around our kitchen table are the true friends, the one I call my backdoor friends. Those few people that know they can come in via the back door, even if I am not at home. And have a cup of coffee or tea in my kitchen. After all they also know where cups and spoons reside...

Jillayne said...

Congrats Julia!
And thanks to you Alisa - so glad you haven't stopped blogging. You have such a wonderful way of putting things not to mention you're creations - always something inspiring in your neck of the web!