Wednesday, October 3, 2012

A Glance At September

September whipped by.
Did it for you, also?
Here's what our month looked like....
words to remind myself with
afternoon snacks
more violins laying around the house than one person really needs
trying to find a new diet
{we love gizzards, unfortunately they don't sit well on our tummy}
Texas sunsets
morning begging
Jedi pretending
drinking hot coffee on a lazy, rainy morning in a cup that heralds a Texas site that one of us just might have an unusual fixation with
loving on a very old dog and preparing ourselves for the inevitable
making Farmboy and pig shadows
more begging
putting on wool socks hoping it helps mother nature move along into fall
indecision: in or out
dress-up date nights
glorious sunrises
and the art that is always near at hand
Okay, your turn.
Tell me something about your September.
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Jillayne said...

My September was a blur...the sense the world was changing; flowers getting leggy, leaves drying and changing colour, colours sharper and clearer, the angle of sunlight in my sewing room changing, a sad good-bye, using my oven, buying squash... a new pumpkin-coloured shirt...and so on, and so on...

Sandy Camarda said...

Were you joking about eating gizzards? My Daughter is thinking of taking violin lessons. My September was a little somber- as there were quite a few deaths in the family...

Dorthe said...

My september came ...and left,just like that-
seems most months does that those last years ,lol ,--- before thinking another months is in front of my door, and sayes Hello,even before I think I lived the one just gone!!!
What is that called--aging or stress?-maybe both!!
Your collage is wonderful Alisa.
Wish you a lovely day, dear.

Anonymous said...

It went by waaaay too fast.. it always does. A beautiful, bright blur.

Lorrie Orr said...

September days filled with sunshine, cool nights that made sleep a sweet dream, putting up applesauce and tomatoes for the winter, dahlias dancing in the garden, sitting in a pool of slanting light while handsewing.

Lovely mosaic.

Photocat said...

Visited Belgium where my two small granddaughters live. Went to Wales to celebrate my husband's 60th birthday. Slept away a lot of the remaining time because fall makes me tired. Kind of the opposite of spring waking me up! I definitely will need the American South West and the blue skies to not suffer fall blues anymore like in UK. I love your September... It has dogs in it! Any month with dogs or cats is a good one!

Photocat said...

I forgot to mention the wonderful smoky smell in the air when summer runs away... Such a wonderful smell!