Monday, June 25, 2012

An Easy Sunday Morning

Sunday morning was spent

soaking up the outdoors
before it got too hot.

with our favorite pig-dog

who tried to lend a paw
with some art journaling

and even a bit of wood carving.

Our favorite old beast joined us too

hoping we would share our
just-because-it's-a-beautiful-Sunday-morning mimosas.

How was your weekend?


Lorrie said...

Lovely photos evoking wonderful relaxation. Ours was a little busier, but good.

Dorthe said...

What a most wonderful morning , and gorgeous photoes, I wonder what was to be carved ? looking so cosy and relaxed - a beautiful sunday morning.

Leanne said...

my weekend was lazy ... it was a good weekend. Hey, those labels look cute -- where did you find them?

Laurel's Quill said...

what a beautiful morning!! Pretty feet too. We ahd a busy weekend...I made 350 fortune cookies for a party, went to two parties...going to go see John Paul Gautier exhibit on Wednesday at the DeYoung Museum in the City. Yea!!!!

Charlene said...

We went to Lake Whitney to escaper the heat (just did a post)... So not ready for the 100 degrees for days on end. I'm not being very creative these days but, I've been gone a lot. How about you? Have a great week.

Tiedupmemories said...

What a perfect Sunday! Those Mimosas looked very refreshing! Ha! Our weekends have been pretty relaxed too.. Just trying to keep cool. I'm sweating as I'm typing!(My air is out though) Ugh!