Wednesday, May 4, 2011

The Catalog

Just before we left for The Island, I received this Anthro catalog in the mail.
It was full of island-y-ness.

I knew I wanted to bring an art journal with me and after looking through this I thought it would work perfect as a base for a journal.

Along with the catalog, I packed two small bottles of paint and a bottle of gesso, some embroidery floss and a needle, a glue stick, a small pad of scrapbook paper, small scissors, a fine tipped Sharpie and a handful of Copics.

I had everything I needed supply-wise.
And between the catalog and The Island itself,
I had plenty of beautiful inspiration.

I've worked in it a little bit since the trip,
but I think I'm going to set it aside until summer when I'm feeling all island-y again.


Lisa said...

How beautiful and what a fantastic idea!


Cool!!!! I love the word island-y-ness. What a great idea to use the catalogue in such a creative way. ~ Angela

Jillayne said...

It looks very cool - and what a great base! I have never seen an Anthropologie catalogue but can imagine it must be a pretty inspirational thing to begin with.
I'll look forward to seeing more of it as you feel more summery - maybe a fruity drink with a parasol in it would help??

Elizabeth said...

What a fabulous starting point and I know that the evolution from Junk Mail to Art Journal will be fabulous!!!!

Suz said...

I think I rated it five drools out of five.

Plays with Needles said...

I LOVE this idea. I saw this catalog too but it never occurred to me to do something as fabulous as THAT!!! You can draw too!! Wow! You are something!

cathyb said...

Hi - dying to see more of that journal - what great inspiration you used and now yours is inspiring me!!

Georgianna said...

Your journal looks really beautiful, Alisa. Already capturing that island spirit and exotic delight. Can't wait to see it next time you work on it! – g