Wednesday, March 2, 2011

The Post With Many Titles

Such as...
You Vs. Me
How a Post Came to Be
Down, Down, Down

Down the rabbit hole.
That's where February went
and I can vaguely remember it.
But went it did.
Down, down, down
tumbling head over heels
spinning out of control
and then it was gone.

March feels like it is starting off this same way
and I am desperately clutching hold of it.
It needs to slow down.
I need to go with it.
But at a normal pace.
I need to be present and live it.
I need to be able to remember it when its gone.

This is how I have felt all morning.
Maybe it's because my head hurts.
Regardless of the reason, I decided I needed to pull out of this spinning hole
so I went for a walk.

It didn't go quite as planned.

Before I knew it I was writing a blog post in my head.
It wasn't good.  It wasn't happy.  I said the "F" word.
It was full of other people's gremlins.

(here's a title:  You Can Take Your Gremlins and Shove Them)

As the post spewed forth in my brain
(and yes, it was most definitely spewing)
I realized I was creating an art journal page in there too.
It was like watching a vimeo.
I saw my hands creating it piece by piece, element by element.
It was intriguing.

When the post/rant came to an end, I started to feel better.
It helped that every person I passed on the trail smiled or had a friendly word for me.

On the way back home I almost let the gremlins back in.
But they are a waste of my time.

I am who I am.
I am authentically me.
I live an authentic life.
My home and my blog are authentic.
I am who I am and I like it that way.

How about...
I Win, You Lose
I Thought I Didn't Have Anything to Say, But It Turns Out I Did


Lorrie said...

A lovely mazy wander through your mind. Hope the rest of your day is lovely!

Dawn said...

Ahhhh...I HEAR you!!!! I get those thoughts....and so happy you put my thoughts into all those words.
You did it Perfectly!!!!

Love those photos.
Now I want to go out for a walk....

Robin Thomas said...

I have taken that walk. Many times.

Very productive.

Scented Sweetpeas said...

Love this post :-) Whoever is getting at you tell them to s*d off x

Jillayne said...

Oh Alisa, I read this and felt I was walking along with you. I have been in that funk, that place now for a while and am finally coming out. Writing things in your head is a great way to get them out and well thought is almost as good as well said.
It's like a restless, edginess has taken over and I can't control it, the thoughts tumbling and racing and anger bubbling; thankfully it goes away and whatever ignited the flames lays down in a pool of water.
March will be better!

koralee said...

Sending you some sweet thoughts my friend...your words are perfect and I can understand them so well.

Friday hugs.


Poetic, funny=f-word, and oh, so real. I like that about you! ~ Angela