Wednesday, February 23, 2011

New Growth

Saturday we spent the whole day in the front garden.
Winter clean up.
And clean up we did.
Thirty-eight large lawn bags were filled to the brim with leaves.
That's a lot of leaves.

While the boys worked on the leaves and trimmed trees, I cleaned out beds.

Last spring I dug up all the front beds and re-planned and re-planted.
By the fall I had thought that the summer heat had "done in" all of my hard work.
However, on Saturday the boys had the pleasure of hearing me squeal in delight a total of 9 times.
Which was each time I found a budding Hydrangea or Daylily.
Everything else I had planted was D.E.D... dead.
They were all perennial hybrid plants of one kind or another.
Now I know and this year I will stick to good ol' regular plants.

While out there I got to thinking about new growth and how there has been quite a bit of new growth inside the house as well.

The Teenager and The Drill Sergeant.

were fighting for the crown.
Oh wait... that was the Lion and the Unicorn.

The other day I quoted my father.
I could do that again today, because there has been
change, adaption and mutation
around here.
And along with those three verbs
we have now also experienced
new growth.
Within us both.
The Teenager and The Drill Sergeant.

And as Martha would say,
That is a good thing.


Dawn said...

38!!!! That is a LOT! Good work...and beautiful spring capture. Makes me long for warm weather......

kandeland said...

that photo makes me happy! I have yet to get outside and tackle my garden beds (still snow!) but I am getting excited to. It's going to be a lot of work, not 38 bags!, but a lot! But it's so worth it when you see the flowers creeping up. Happy-Almost-Spring!! xo nat

amy~ the gypsy chick said...

oh i am starting to see a couple of bulbs peek their lovely heads up also! I am so ready for a little color in the yard!
I have a teenager myself, {a jr in high school} & we are going though our share of growing pains... one day it is all roses... the next day all thorns...:)