Friday, January 14, 2011

Week 1 ~ The Sideboard Reorg

Dirty Pictures Ahead

Well, I did it.
I wasn't just all talk.
Granted, it was just a small job, but I'm a believer in "baby steps".

This week I cleaned out my sideboard.


I had reached a point where I had just started cramming things into here.
I had the china up in a cupboard in the kitchen, which really made no sense considering the whole reason I bought the sideboard was to hold china and such.
The drawers were crammed full of linens and I had two more stacks tucked away in the laundry room.


I pulled everything out and purged, getting rid of a lot. Including half of all my linens.
Washed the piece of furniture squeaky clean (tightened knobs after the photo)and then started moving stuff back in.
(someone has a bird fetish in this house)


One side now holds serving pieces that don't get used every day and the other side holds china, Fostoria and glasses that also are not used every day.
I still have a few more place settings of china that need to go in and at Thanksgiving I found a box of crystal that evidently my parents gave me when they moved. I didn't even realize I had it. So once those items all get unpacked they will go straight into the sideboard.
On my weekend agenda, is to go to The Container Store and get containers that fit into the cubbies to make it easier to fetch stuff out of them.

The only thing that I pulled out that I haven't found a home for yet is a stack of aprons. But I'll find a place for them.

Have a beautiful weekend!


Post inspired by:

Gitter Done!


Organizing My Life...

9 comments: said...

It looks lovely - great job! I wish I could've adopted your linens...I love them, too.


Robin Thomas said...

Oh doesn't that feel good! Everything looks so pretty lined up like soldiers.

I applaud you!

koralee said... looks great...I soooooo need to do problem is I have way too much stuff. xoxoxo Weekend hugs.

Marianne@Songbird said...

Oh you are wonderful! Thank you so much for participating in Gitter Done! Doesn't it feel wonderful to get projects like this off of our to-do list. Frees up creative energy (well it does so for me).
Have a wonderful week and enjoy your beautiful side cabinet.

Sharon said...

Great job. When can you come to my house?!!!

Heather said...

Awesome job! I have several areas in need of "gitter done" that I plan to focus on after the studio! :) Doesn't it feel good to have everything lined up?

Charlene said...

Marvelous job! I did a mini reorganize in my side board & found that I too had stacks of linens that needed to GO! I got them out of the sideboard but, now what to do with them? The lace ones (holy & not in a religious way) would be sooo great for art. I see another stash about to happen! HELP!!!! Good job! Charlene

Caleen said...

Looks so clean and organized and beautiful. getting rid of or purging is a good thing. I did that this weekend too :)

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