Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Soul Restoration

Yesterday was the day.
The day Soul Restoration began.

Last night the Farmboy asked me why I was taking this class.
He told me he thought my soul was in good condition and that I was very brave already.

In my forty years, I've restored my soul twice.
I won't lie, it was hard work and it took me awhile to do it both times.
But do it, I did.

The last restoration my soul had was about 10 years ago and I had a little (or a lot) of Farmboy help with it.
We helped each other to heal in fact.

So when he said that, I couldn't really deny it. He was right for the most part.

I told him I thought I needed some direction. And then when I went on to explain what I meant, I got kind of tongue tide and did a pretty lousy job of explaining.

I'm not that strong of a "worder" you see and it takes me awhile to translate my feelings into words.

But I've got a grasp on it now.

I'm taking it, not for a full "soul house renovation", but because I think my soul house could use, in addition to a new paint job and maybe some fresh curtains, a new addition.

A whole new second level in fact. I'm just not quite sure yet how to go about building it. And also, I'm pretty sure it's going to take a little more bravery than what I already have unbottled.

So that, my dear Farmboy, is why I'm taking it.
(If you would like to be my equipment manager and hold my nails for me, I'll let you.)


Heidi said...

Same here...same here... I'm also taking that online class. I thought, "well, my soul is well" but I'll go ahead and see if there's a way to learn and grow from it, somehow. Then wham! Yesteryday, 1-11-11, Day 1 (that was very cool on Melody's part, by the way), something we went through in the first lesson grabbed me by my shoulders and said, "This. this. this..." There was something, then soon, "and this..." I've got lots to do still for week one, but we're only on day two, so I'm fine!
Hope you get some good things to apply to your new "house"....
hugs, Heidi

paperbird said...

alisa this is a beautiful post- i love your heartfelt thoughts.
it also takes me awhile to translate my feelings in to words- it is frustrating sometimes but you have done so very well here and i am happy for my little visit with you today.

Suz said...

A lisa,
Me, too!!!
And I was just on Robin's blog and she is, too! I would like to paint a little happy face on the door of my house and all will be well. I am trying to do this on the road...I actually decided I had to do it the day after sign-ups and wrote a letter begging to be let in. I thinknthere are 500 of us :-)

Anonymous said...

Alisa...may I join you? I've had two years of "stuff", an overload of "stuff" from the part of my life where my bread and butter occurs. And that's an emotional ride too. So I know what you mean. My guy's a good listener and supporter too.
We're blessed, aren't we! And like you, words are difficult. Sometimes even making tears is difficult. It's good to have a loving hugger on board!
Hugs for the journey...