Monday, January 31, 2011

A Month of Wrecking

In one month it has

been used as a notepad and a cutting mat
had owner information entered into it in everyway imaginable
 had pages numbered
had the spine cracked
had holes poked into it with a pencil
been scribbled in with wild, violent, reckless abandon
had dinner documented in it (perfect, simple chili, cornbread and butter)
collected fruit stickers
taken a shower with me
been used to test markers, paint, pens and colored pencils
had a countless number of grocery lists written in it
had purse items traced onto it
had a sudden, destructive, unpredictable movement made with it
cleaned up a mess
been infused with a smell of my choosing (rose perfume)
been left in a public place to be drawn in
been vented in while angry (very angry)

I am losing my inhibitions it seems.


Suz said...

I had no idea this book was so much fun! I think I need one;-)

Kat has one of her books and loves it.


Kathy said...

I looked at this many times, journaling is hard for me....I have yet to try it.

Marianne@Songbird said...

Wow judging from this post and the last you really are on a role. 2011 is treating you well. Keep it up I am enjoying seeing all you do!

Sandy Michelle said...

Ha,ha..doesn't it make you feel like a kid again?!

TwoHeartsPath said...

I have been working in a junque journal AKA remains of the day.....they are also very can just do whatever you feel personal favorite is crumpling pages and then smoothing them out and highlighting with just takes the intimidation right out of it!!!! Love it~~
Thanks for all your Beautiful Works you Share!!!
Hugs Patti