Saturday, January 29, 2011

January Actions

I thought I would share how my relationship with my one little word is coming about so far.

My word for this year is Action.
And so far, I feel we have warmed up to each other quite nicely.

I have started exercising again.
(P90X{again}heaven help me)

I got a "hotspot" organized.
(yes just one, but balance and I became good friends last year, so it's all good)

I've been a killer cook in the kitchen lately.
(not that I've actually killed anyone with my cooking.  what I mean is, it's been damn yummy and a lot of it to boot.  we've cut way back on the eating out this month)

I've been making new plans for the back garden.
(and if I keep up this good cooking, I just might get some help out there this year)

I've been up to my elbows in paint and glue working in my art journals.
(the reason this post is happening today and not yesterday. I just couldn't seem to stop creating and close those journals)

I've been on top of this 365 photography project.
(for the most part anyway.  but to be honest, it's been tough at times)

And last but not least, I have some projects coming along for a publication.

So tell me, how are you and your word getting along?


Teri said...

Hanging in there. If I had a word for 2011, I think it would be "focus". And there are a lot of blurry areas I need to sharpen...

Tina said...

Such beautiful projects, Alisa. I've been working hard in the kitchen, too. Unfortunately, not much time on the cards :( Maybe balance & I need to get to be friends ;)

Robin Thomas said...

Oh how I love Alisa.

Beauty in action...

Dawn said...

Woot! Way to put your word into ACTION:)))

My word is...ummm...coming along...;) (sigh)

Charlene said...

My WORD???? As you & I discussed before... I haven't gotten a WORD yet. You suggested decide & I was begining to think maybe you were right. I had never had problems with Decide before but, went through a "patch" of problems with it for a bit. That seems to have passed & January just sort of started & I eased into it just following the path... So, we'll see about my WORD or lack thereof. Jan & I got together last week & worked on finishing our crowndaliers from the October Gilded Life Event. It was nice to craft with a friend & complete something that has just been SITTING there begging to be finished. HUGS! Charlene

Dorthe said...

Dear Alisa, your books looks so dreamy, and beautifull-and you are not dreaming, I can read, but running fast to fix,-and do--
You sounds to be very happy:)

koralee said...

You GO girl...oh I love your to visit your shop right now. I wish I was a killer cook in the kitchen! xoxoxo Hugs


Your journals are stunning! and I love that you are on top of everything...that's a great way to be...and even though it may be hard at times, and we might even fall short of our own expectations and falter....we keep on keepin' on and make the best of our days, right!

way to be positive!
love your photos...and your charming banner!

thanks for visiting with me...hope you'll stop in again sometime!

ciao bella
creative Carmelina

Diane said...

Alisa, give me a push! My exercise bike has been abandoned in the COLD and frigid family room in the basement until warmer weather.
Good for you!!
And had a chuckle about your "Wreck This Journal" post.
Hugs, Diane

Lay Hoon aka mescrap said...

OOh boy, i love your journal books.