Thursday, November 4, 2010

Into the Wind

This little bird lives in a happy little bubble of a world where she spends most of her time with her family gliding pleasantly on the currents.
But every now and then a gale blows in and causes some tipsy-turvy swooping.

We don’t like the swooping.
It throws us off course and makes our tummies wobbly.
But we know that it is what it is and our reactions will play a big part in the path that the gale may blow us onto.
So we try not to get our feathers ruffled and to stay focused.

It’s hard and often times our enjoyments get set aside due to worry.
However if we are observant, there are little things that tell us it’s good for us to turn to our enjoyments during the windy times.
The little things that are there all the time no matter how the wind blows.

For this little bird, it’s the scent of the roses that remind me to sit back down to my art and art friends.
That my tummy will settle a bit and the gales won’t tossle me about as harshly.

It is then, that I can calmly wrap my wings around my family in hopes to protect them.
And as I do this today, I will send my heart out to those dear friends who are also flying into the winds.

Today my heart holds not only my family close, but also my peaceful friend, my friend in the moon and my dear colorful one too.

Love to you all.


Debe said...

I hope the scent of roses constantly waft your way. Lovely post and a gentle reminder to remember what is most important to us all. Our family & matter what else is going on. And too, our Art keeps us sane...

Dorthe said...

Such a beautifull post, dear-
so many beautifull words spoken, and so true.
Thanks for this lovable morning greeting-( opened it here in Denmark 9 o`clock morning)
and have a wonderfull day sweet.
Hugs, Dorthe

Jillayne said...

This is such a beautiful post ALisa, calm and gentle and thought-provoking. The way you wrote about wrapping your wings around those you hold dear was so sweet and I could just imagine that gentle movement in my head. Thank you.

Scented Sweetpeas said...

Lovely post and lovely words, thanks.

Charlene said...

It's no fun to be tossed about by gales. Glad you are so insightful & look at things in such a beautiful light. I saw you published again in another Somerset! Congrats again. HUGS!