Friday, September 17, 2010

Friday's Flowers ~ No. 23

Indian Summer

These are the days when birds come back,
A very few, a bird or two,
To take a backward look.

These are the days when skies put on
The old, old sophistries of June, --
A blue and gold mistake.

Oh, fraud that cannot cheat the bee,
Almost thy plausibility
Induces my belief,

Till ranks of seeds their witness bear,
And softly through the altered air
Hurries a timid leaf!

Oh, sacrament of summer days,
Oh, last communion in the haze,
Permit a child to join,

Thy sacred emblems to partake,
Thy consecrated bread to break,
Taste thine immortal wine!
~Emily Dickinson


Mother Nature is toying with us...
Lovely, cool mornings,
sweaty, hot afternoons.

Have a beautiful weekend!


Katsui Jewelry said...

Oh, Alisa,
It is Fall here, too, and tomorrow we head for Rijeka, Croatia, where we have weather reposts of heavy rains. The poem is beautiful and I knew that it must have been written by either you or Emily Dickinson ;-) The weather is playing tricks, indeed. Still I would rather be traveling than at home!

Guess what I have been doing when I don't feel up to running about? I sit on my bed and make my Silver Bella sachets!


lbc flower delivery philippines said...

Oh' what a cute little flower! I love it and also I enjoyed reading the passage. Thanks for sharing!


chasity said...

hello sweet friend.
hope you are doing well.

love this post.
the photo is gorgeous~such great lighting...
and the poem is breathtakingly beautiful.

have a lovely day.

flower Philippines said...

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