Monday, September 20, 2010

Domestic Goddess Awards

In the news today...

This past weekend
the infamous
Domestic Goddess Awards Event
was held in a small Texas town.

Amid all of the lovely aprons present,
one local housewife shined brightly.

As she took the stage in her favorite vintage, gingham apron
to receive her Golden Whisk for "Best Sunday Brunch",
she shared a few words of appreciation.

"I would like to thank my reliable KitchenAid mixer, my beautiful family and the awards committee (aka the Farmboy)
for this wonderful award.
However, I must admit I never could have pulled it off with out the assistance of The Pioneer Woman Cooks cookbook.
Her French Breakfast Puffs recipe was the "cherry on top" for my Sunday brunch.
Thank you! Thank you!"

And in other news.....


Privet and Holly said...

Could this
domestic goddess
Loved the imagery
of this post and
had to smile; I
was present at a
luncheon on Thursday
where THE Pioneer
Woman, Ree Drummond,
was the keynote speaker!
And, she signed my
xx Suzanne
PS: Thank you for
your heartfelt words
on my post about Kathleen.

Katsui Jewelry said...

Wow! Now you are really a Rock Star, Alisa!


Diane said...

And all of this accomplished wearing your pearls and heels? ;-)
Hugs, Alisa!

jackie said...

Those are the best things you have ever laid your lips on. I love to make them and my recipe is called" French Donuts!"


Alisa, love this whimsical post. This award was certainly well deserved...what a delicious photo of your "creations"! Love your Friday flower photo too! Thank you for your visit to my post and for your sweet made my day. ~ Angela

Sandy Michelle said...

All hail to the Domestic :) The Pumpkin Ale was nice and sweet!

Sandy xox

Laurel's Quill said...

You crack me up! I am all about home, cooking, creating etc., but a domestic goddess? NOT. I'm trying to think if I actually know one...I used to, I think...she started making dinner at 10:00 in the morning...her green beans were pulverized, but I always loved walking into her house in the morning...smelled just like Grandma's house!! Laurel..have a great Day, D.G.:)