Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Around the World In 20 Tags

Well, almost 20.

Wendy hosted this really fun tag swap awhile back.
Remember my Greece tags?
I finally had a chance to photograph the whole tag book.

There were supposed to be 20 countries represented.
However, the US Postal Service evidently really liked two sets of these tags, and decided to keep them for themselves.
Super frustrating for the tag makers and also Wendy.
(I've had a swap package almost lost in the mail, just going one town over from where I live. Luckily it showed up at the last minute... looking pretty rough, I might add. It really sucks.)
Wendy, being the good sport she is, made a quick fill in tag of one of the missing sets, but just ran out of time for the other lost set.
So we actually have "Around the World In 19 Tags".
Who knows, maybe they will show up a few months from now.

Okay, on with the show...

U.S.A- Michelle Cox, Canada- Rachel Velder, Mexico- Pam Kern, Brazil- Wendy (fill in tag).

Ireland- Marlene Haveron, England- Jane Palmer, Spain- Cheryl Bass.

Italy- Rochelle Gaukel, France- Peggy Lucas, Germany- Wanda Clark, Holland- Marian Ballog.

Egypt- Bianca Gaspard, Morocco- Kimberly Laws, Jordan- Sherry Wescott.

India- Natalea Kandefer, Australia- Beth Holcombe, Japan- Wendy Robrecht, China- Cindy Bellamy.

Fun, isn't it?!

ps. I didn't add a pic of mine... you've already seen it.


knitterbeader said...

What beautiful tags and a fun swap. You come up with the neatest things!

TinyBear said...

What a great idesa - it must have been so much fun to received those from all over the world.
xo Tina

Diane said...

It IS fun, Alisa!

Katsui Jewelry said...

You are in Crescendoh with your cute doily dress!
Congratulations. now I will go back and look at these tags. I have been waiting for them!

gina g said...

Fun! You will have to tell me when you sign up for another swap! I love swapping with you!!!