Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Wendy is hosting a swap.
An awesome swap.
"Around the World in 20 Tags"

After much mind changing...

the Farmboy's heritage,

my heritage,

where we honeymooned,

who doesn't love France,

I finally decided on

I would say that Greece is THE country of interest in this household right now.
I've loved Greece and it's mythology since 7th grade...
Persephone's sad tale being my favorite.
It is also the place of the Graduate's (soon to be a History major this coming fall) favorite time period.
The Farmboy would give just about anything to dive in the Aegean Sea.
And the Teenager (formerly known as Capin' Davey Cannonswine... doesn't seem right to continue calling him that anymore seeing as how he starts high school in the fall) is all into and can relate to the Percy Jackson and the Olympians books.

So I chose Greece.
And when I think of Greece, along with Persephone, dolmades, juicy olives
(in that order)

I also think of

The Goddess of Love


And on a side note...
There will not be any Friday's Flowers this week.
You see, on Saturday, I have a very important date
with a Mad Hatter and a cup of Tea.
I'd love for you to stop by too.
See you then!


Marianne@Songbird said...

I think you caught the essence of Greece very well. Aphrodite has her name all over that gorgeous tag. You'll make someone very happy with that one.

Lori said...

what a beautiful tag Alisa...i love how your draped the cheesecloth {?}

natalea said...

it's gorgeous Alisa! and I'm so happy one of those lovely tags will be coming to live with me!
Miss India xoxo

Nina said...

So beautiful! I love the pearls and shells and the draping of over Aphrodite ~ Lovely!

tina... said...

This reminds me of THE BEST class I took in college (although I was a Human Services major)~ Greek Mythology. The professor had me enchanted with her beautiful tales realized in your piece, Alisa! Thanks for sharing.

Jillayne said...

Good for you for stepping out of teh country box! I love France and French things too but Greece was my first love - from Grade 7 too! All those wonderful stories and statues - I love your tag! Great interpretation and very, very pretty!

Allie said...

You always get involved with the COOLEST swaps! I love your tags. I've never done a swap but I would like to try. How do they work? Happy Friday!

Katsui Jewelry said...

Charming tag, Alisa.

apinkdreamer said...

hi!!! i'm eleni from greece! i saw your tea party and it was fantastic!!!
i'm also glad you like greece!!!
(dolmades is my favorite food too!!!)